District 4 Updates

Happy  Valentine’s Day!

THE  HARRIS TEETER PROJECT—At its meeting February 9, City Council gave first reading/public hearing to  the proposed “Harris Teeter/Marshall’s” Planned Development District. There was  a full discussion and no surprises. This project, covering some 21 acres and  three-tenths of a mile on Dorchester Road at Wescott Boulevard, will soon be moving through its  construction stages.

Two  updates on this project:

–Completion  is now targeted for early 2013, a delay of about four  months.

– The City Council discussion covered many aspects of this important project.  These meetings are carried via cable cast in Charleston County but not in  Dorchester County. Councilman Stigler and I are working on that. In the  meanwhile, here’s a link that will provide you with an archived stream of the  entire City Council meeting last Thursday. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20334779

Once  you have this loaded up, go to the minute mark 24:30 where the PDD agenda  discussion begins. It runs for about 20 minutes and you’ll note the topics range  from “buffers that buff” to general concerns about alcohol sales and “dance” clubs. I hope many of you will take the time to view this and then let me know  of your impressions and your advice.

STEEL  CITY PIZZA–   At Club Course and  Dorchester ……..The offending 10-foot high wooden fence surrounding the walk-in  cooler is being replaced by a  well-designed stucco-brick structure, thanks to the vigilance and good work of  the city zoning department. I’m trying to get a planned opening date for this  long-anticipated food service operation and will let you know soon as we’ve  pinned it down.

CRIME  REPORTS and THE WEBSITES– A reminder that crime reports are  posted every day at www.ronbrinson.com   And  when you get to this site, look around. Councilman Stigler and I are working to  convert our campaign web sites into a true neighborhood forum. Our Council  districts form what really is one large and very nice neighborhood and we intend  to provide services and address issues accordingly.  Again, we welcome YOUR  advice.

THE  CITY’S WEB SITE- And please visit the NORTHCHARLESTON.org site  often. You can access meeting notices, agendas, information on recreation and  cultural arts events — and a keen sense that our city is vibrant and diverse.

DORCHESTER  ROAD UPDATE- As  the upper reach of Dorchester Road is widened in a current project, the  condition of this highway from  Ashley Phosphate to Trolley Road is a concern. I’ve been working with Mayor  Summey and Senator Mike Rose to expedite a traffic light at the Charleston Place  entrance at Trump. Councilman Stigler has been urging the state to expedite some  basic maintenance and correct some of the obvious problems – potholes and  shredded surfaces. This all adds up to a ponderous process, given that  Dorchester Road is a state highway and state roadway funding is fairly scarce  just now. The state’s reply to Councilman Stigler is at once informative and  insightful. You can see it at www.ronbrinson.com   (navigate to “home”)

Palmetto  Commerce Corridor Industries– This  list was included in a previous update and has become very popular.  Requests for it have been steady, so  we’ve decided to keep it posted on the website.

OOPS– Many of you noticed first that the city’s public works crews were having a  hard time keeping a straight line as they hustled to re-stripe Patriot  Boulevard, between Appian Way and Ashley Phosphate. And then the project  stopped. The explanation is in part, a lesson about candor. The Public Works  Department responding to requests that this project be expedited tried to do the  work “in- house” to save money and time. The city’s has a fairly new striping  machine. But as the work evolved, it became apparent that the project was too  big in scope and that the city’s crews needed a little more practice. We’ve been  assured that plans are in place to finish the project and that street lights,  landscaping and a landscape median will eventually be a part of this Patriot  Boulevard segment. It is understandable that some have been critical; but the  candor of the Public Works leadership is admirable. They tried to accomplish a  much-needed project in a manner that would have saved the city money. It didn’t  work out and the department’s leadership’s candor and its determination to get  it all right are admirable.  I’ll  keep you posted.

Thanks  for all your responses and your encouragement, and thanks most of all for your views and  counsel.


Ron  Brinson

Councilman  District 4

Dorchester Road Resurfacing

State Representative Chris Murphy has been very responsive in getting an answer to us concerning the question on resurfacing In summary:

“(The State) just had the pre- construction meeting for the section of Dorchester Road between Sawmill and Parlor. This work should take place Spring of 2012. I’m hoping that with the next round of stimulus money I will be able to resurface the section between Parlor and Wescott. This will probably occur around late 2013 to early 2014. This year’s money went to SC 165 and next year’s money will go to US 17A.”




Wescott Valentine’s Elegant Serenaded Dinner

Join Us
Valentine’s Elegant Serenaded Dinner

Wescott Valentine’s

Elegant Serenaded Dinner

Tuesday, February 14th from 6-9pm

Live Entertainment featuring

DJ Freddie Joe Midnight & Singer Sara J

Dinner Menu

Choice of one item from each of the following courses:

First Course

1/2 Wedge

Iceberg lettuce with crumbled bleu cheese, maple cured bacon, roma tomatoes and roasted almonds

Classic Caesar

Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese, roma tomatoes, baked bread crumbs and kalamata olives

She Crab Soup

Charleston’s famous cream based She Crab Soup

French Onion Soup

Beef Stock reduction with caramelized onion, sherry and melted mozzarella over crustini toast

Second Course

(All entree’s are served with seasonal vegetables and roasted rosemary new potatoes)

8oz. Filet Mignon

Filet wrapped in maple bacon, topped with honey bleu cheese butter and merlot demiglace

Chicken Oscar

Grilled chicken breast topped with jumbo lump crab meat, asparagus and hollandaise

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Oven roasted pork tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese, farm fresh spinach and topped with ivory cream

Sourced from the Sea

Broiled or Fried: Flounder filet, shrimp, scallops and petite Charleston crab cake

Third Course

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Sorbet with Fresh Berries

Dinner $59.95/couple

Reservations Required

Call 871-2135 or go online to www.wescottgolf.com to make your reservation today

Corner at Wescott

The Planned Development District that would guide the “Harris Teeter-Marshall’s” project will pick up steam in the city’s review processes during February. As you know, this project will be on the property bounded by Dorchester Road and Wescott Boulevard and Old Glory Lane. So far, the developer has been very responsive to community concerns about traffic flows, and buffer opaqueness .

We’ve asked for working drawings of the proposed elevations and I thought you would be interested in seeing these as I see them. I welcome your comments. Keep in mind this development will be essentially bounded by landscape buffering. There will be a variety of retail and food service operations.

It appears that drainage implications are being fairly considered here. However, I believe that drainage generally in the Dorchester Corridor is due for a review. Councilman Stigler and I have discussed with the mayor and our Council colleagues the need for an update-assessment of the effectiveness of the drainage patterns all our neighborhoods depend upon. This, I strongly believe, is important as we anticipate a new cycle of residential and commercial growth.

For a larger view, the image is clickable. Or you may Download pdf version here


District 9 Appointments

District 9 Appointments:


I am very pleased to announce that I have appointed Ms. Kelly Clark of Whitehall, and Mr. Kenny Skipper of Indigo to two very important North Charleston advisory committees.


Kelly will be replacing me and serving on the Citizens Advisory Council for our District.


Kenny will be continuing his service on the Recreation Advisory Board both At Large and for our District.


Please congratulate them on their appointments!  You may post comments on this website.

District 4 Updates‏ – February 1st

Re-striping  Patriot Boulevard, between Appian Way and Ashley  Phosphate

We’ll  see the city’s public works crews re-striping faded lane markers in this busy  highway section. There are also  plans to install street lights, and as funds are available, landscaping and, eventually, a landscaped  median.

Crime  Reports/district 4 and district 9 website

There  has been a surprising level of  interest in the daily crime reports. So Councilman Stigler and I have  expedited the project to add this feature to our joint web site. You  can now access the latest crime reports without having to download files to your  computer. Simply go to ronbrinson.com and look for the “Crime Reports” link.   We’ll be refining this site over the next few weeks – and we welcome your input.  You’ll notice that this web site intends to provide a quick “shorthand” tool  for the City’s comprehensive online services.

Traffic  light at Trump and Dorchester

The  good news is that state DOT has determined that a light is warranted. The bottom  line news is that the city must now execute agreements from developers to get  this financed. The promising news is the city is working on it. Dealing with  developers can be a ponderous process; I’ll monitor this and keep you  posted.

Steel  City Pizza

Anyone  turning onto Club Course from Dorchester has noticed progress and a spontaneous  addition to the building footprint. Yes, there is a permitting issue and it’s  being handled by the city’s zoning department. If all goes well, this new  restaurant will soon be open and the facade that has created so many objections  will be corrected. I will keep you informed.


Palmetto  Commerce Corridor

Last  week, John Cawley, the city’s very able director of economic development  compiled a list of businesses in the Palmetto Commerce Corridor. It’s  impressive. I thought you would find it interesting.

Palmetto Commerce Park  Businesses

Daimler Vans  Manufacturing – commercial vehicle assembly

Cummins Turbo  Diesel – automotive engine components

Boeing  Interiors Responsibility Center – aircraft interior manufacturing

Streit Armored – vehicle protective armoring (under construction)

Charleston  County Consolidated Dispatch Center – 911 dispatch (under  construction)

Roper St.  Francis Data Center – data systems (under construction)

Food Handlers – commercial sanitary products for food industry

Shimano – fishing and cycling components

North  Charleston Fire Station 12

TWL Precision – automotive components

Daugherty  Equipment – forklifts and lift trucks by Yale

Venture Aero  Bearings – aerospace bearing and components

Immedion – data  center

Terressentia – private label distilled spirits

TIG Hit Co – aerospace components and industrial components (under  construction)

Safelite – auto  glass manufacturing

ITT Kaliburn – plasma cutting systems

Verizon  Wireless – data center