TOWN HALL MEETING and other updates


Tuesday  6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wescott Club  House

Councilman  Dwight Stigler and I will host this special meeting. Everyone is invited, but we  urge all neighborhood association leaders to attend. We’ll discuss several timely topics, but  police specialists will be with us to address the recent flurry of night-time  vehicle break-ins in the Wescott/Farm/and Coosaw neighborhoods.


Our  Busy City – This  note from a friend and constituent who lives in Wescott offers a point we will  appreciate:

“Thanks  for making the crime reports and more information about out city so easily  available.  What most of us do not  appreciate is how many family entertainment activities are available in North  Charleston. The city’s web site provides good information and it’s interesting  to see how the list of events and activities change each  day.”

It’s  true – our city is a vibrant community that offers many activities related to  art and recreation. From the performances of “Wicked” at the Performing Arts Center  to softball for seniors, to art  displays and instruction, to the  regular meetings of city council, North Charleston is a busy  city.

The  mayor’s staff has done a great job updating the city’s web site which features a  detailed calendar of events and the agendas for most public meetings.

So  visit it often at


The  North Charleston Arts Festival will run May 4 – 12.

The  city expects thousands from all over the Southeast to experience art of all  kinds and competitions. The  festival began thirty years ago as a small, one day, community celebration at  Park Circle and now includes nine days of events throughout the City. There will be many neighborhood displays – like the one The Courtyards at Wescott will erect along the common property  areas on Asycough  Road. The  Festival is one of the most comprehensive arts festivals in the state, earning  it recognition as a Top 20 Event by the  Southeast Tourism Society.   Get a preview, make your plans @


Yes,  the Steel City Pizza temporary signs have been up long enough. We’re working to  get them removed.

Yes,  there will be a “Dog Park” at the new Wescott ball field complex. Last week, at  a City Council meeting, Mayor Summey reiterated this and declared, “And it won’t  be just any dog park!”

Yes,  there are plans moving forward to finish the re-striping of Patriot Boulevard  from Appian Way to Ashley Phosphate. And longer term, there are conceptual plans  for a divided median and landscaped shoulders.

Yes,  there are ongoing conceptual discussions about a City of North  Charleston-Dorchester County joint initiative to develop a Community Complex at  the corner of Appian Way and Patriot Boulevard, at the entrance to Fort  Dorchester High School. The concept being tested is a large public library that  would be used by the school during the day (and thus freeing up space at Fort  Dorchester), a joint city police and county sheriff police station, an EMS squad  center, and a public meeting space. ….all in a park-like setting.   This is in an early conceptual  stage. I would welcome your comments and I will keep you  posted.

How  large is the city’s annual budget? It’s just at $89  million for the current fiscal year. Next year’s budget review process begins  for City Council next week.

How  many employees does our city have? On any given  day, 1100.  Roughly half are firemen  and policemen.

Remember,  daily police / crime reports and much more information available at

And  please contact me with your questions, comments and counsel. And please tell  your neighbors and friends who might like to receive these “Updates” to contact  me and we’ll add them to the mailing list.




20  April 2012  

North  Charleston City Gallery to Exhibit Works by Elena  Barna

Exhibit  to feature winning entry of 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival Design  Competition

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts  Department is pleased to announce that works by local artist Elena Barna will be  on exhibit at the North Charleston City Gallery from May 1-31, 2012. Barna,  winner of the 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival Design Competition, will  display works in acrylic and oils featuring a variety of subjects, including her  winning piece, My Muse. The public will have the opportunity to meet the  artist at the gallery during the North Charleston Arts Festival Main Event on  May 5, from 10am to 4pm, and May 6, from 2pm to  5pm.

Titled Expanding the Horizon, Barna’s first solo exhibition  strives to show viewers the many sides of her art. Works on display showcase the  breadth of her inspirations and will include portraits, still lifes, and nature  scenes. “The first and major inspiration for my art is people,” Barna explains. “I’ve done some body painting in the past and have translated that process onto  canvas.” Viewers will enjoy portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley, as well  depictions of the artist’s friends and family. Other portraits share the same  style and inspiration as her winning design, featuring a beautiful woman  disappearing into a mosaic atmosphere.

Another prominent source of inspiration for the artist comes from her  homeland, Russia. “I’ve done some work with Russian old style painting,” she  says. “In general it’s flowers and some flowery designs mainly inspired by  masterpieces by Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel.”

Barna’s  style is heavily inspired by the Impressionism and Post-impressionism art  movements, as well as Art Nouveau. She cites Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec,  Gauguin, Monet, Degas, and Alphonse Mucha as artists she admires. Preferring to  work in acrylic and oil, her work features vivid colors, thick application of  paint, distinctive brush strokes, and realistic subject matter, mainly people.  Form and color are central to her aesthetic and shimmering surfaces and rich  dabs of paint characterize her paintings.

Born  in 1987 in Volgograd, Russia, Elena Barna came to Charleston in 2008 to work for  the summer and learn about life in America. To her surprise, she fell in love  with the city, the Carolina Lowcountry, and resident Josh Barna. After returning  home to complete her education and the long process of legal immigration, Elena  and Josh were married following her return to Charleston in 2009. She currently  lives and works in North Charleston with Josh and their bull mastiff,  Phoenix.

The North Charleston City Gallery is located in the Charleston Area  Convention Center with free parking and admission during regular Convention  Center operating hours 9:00am-5:00pm, daily. Inquiries regarding the artist or  purchase information may be directed to the North Charleston Cultural Arts  Department at (843) 740-5854. For information on additional exhibits, programs,  and events, visit the Cultural Arts section of the City’s website at For information  about the North Charleston Arts Festival visit

District 4 Update

Some news, announcements and a “mystery”  solved…..

Nearly  100 persons each day check the daily crime report at www. Please continue to visit this site which  is a collaborative effort with Councilman Dwight Stigler to provide a “quick stop” summary of City of  North Charleston news and resources,  including meeting notices and agenda content.

And  please share your suggestions on how this site can be more useful to  you.


C.B. “Mitch” Mitchell is the newest  member of the North Charleston Housing Authority. This agency governs the important work of our city’s  public housing program which includes North Park Village, formerly George Legare  Homes, and the opening of the newly built Three Oaks, Liberty Hill Place and  Buskirk Street Housing for the Elderly. Get to know your housing authority at

Mitch Mitchell had a distinguished career as a U.S. Army officer and then  a second outstanding career as a senior executive in the data technology and  logistics management field. “Retired” now, he and his wife Vivian live in Coosaw  Creek. As Mayor Summey noted when he announced Mr. Mitchell’s appointment, “We  are fortunate and very grateful that someone of his background and experience is  willing to serve our city.”

Congratulations —-and THANKS, Mitch !!

Are  you interested in sharing talents, skills and experience by serving on one of  our city’s various boards, commissions  and committees? Let us know ! You can get a feel for these agencies and their  mission by searching around the city’s website



A caring community notices litter and trash, and my Council colleagues Ed  Astle, Dwight Stigler and I receive numerous complaints about unkempt  properties. The City’s Code Enforcement  department often joins our efforts. Recently the Appian Way Apartments received a  code enforcement ticket related to litter, trash and unmaintained conditions.  The ticket implies a fine of $1,040 and a court date is set for mid-April.

The public works department will soon begin to complete the lane restriping of  Patriot Boulevard from Appian Way to Ashley Phosphate. The city also is working  with S.C. E. & G to design and install street lights in this section of  Patriot Boulevard. Councilman Astle also has asked for striping of Appian  Way, from Dorchester Road to Patriot Boulevard.


In Charleston Park, look  for a new speed limit sign on outbound Trump, near the wetlands bridge. There have been several accidents at Chateau  Lane and Trump at The Vistas. Property managers also have been cooperative in  cutting the natural grasses in the second median to provide better sight lines  for merging traffic. If speed controls  and these line-of-sight improvements don’t help,the city will likely install a stop sign at outbound Trump and Chateau  Lane.


Also, I offer another assurance that the City legal  team is working to apply agreements related to commitments to install a traffic  signal at Trump and Dorchester Road. The  good news is, of course, that the S.C. Department of Transportation has  concluded that traffic counts now warrant a signal. I regularly ask for an update on the legal  processes and hope to have good news about this very  soon.


Happy  Birthday, North Charleston !

Our  city celebrates its 40th anniversary June 12 !

Today,  North Charleston is the third largest South Carolina city and any day now, our  population will top 100,000. It’s a  remarkable story of an unincorporated community becoming a small 10-square block section near Park  Circle. North Charleston now encompasses 76 square miles.

This  1997 article written for the 25th anniversary provides an interesting  and insightful history.



Like  wild weeds,  political signs again are sprouting all over public rights-of-ways. The primary  elections are in June and the general election in November. So we’ll see this  orgy of signage for a long, long time. We should not blame the candidates  because signage has become a requisite of running for office. But it is  interesting that all signs on public rights-of-way are technically illegal,  but so many political seasons have honed  a tolerated cycle of “free speech” — tacky and ugly as it is. At a recent City Council meeting, I joined with  several of my colleagues in a “discussion” about controlling these signs with an  enforcement program that would limit their presence to 30 days before an  election. It was a noble effort for sure,  but a complete failure. The initiative did not receive sufficient support among  the mayor and city council. So the only control we can count on now is that the  signs must be removed a week after the election.


Mystery  Solved….. If you noticed it, you were immediately confused. Street signs on Patriot Boulevard suggest  well, maybe it’s not a “Boulevard”. For example, at the busy intersection of  Wescott Boulevard and Patriot, this sign – and all the signs in the FARM — tell  us Patriot is a “Parkway” not a “Boulevard.”

So  is it a Boulevard in some sections and a “Parkway” in others?

This  nice little mystery is now solved ! After  an investigation and records search, it has been determined that Patriot is, in  fact, a “Boulevard’ –from one end to the other.

The  erring signs will soon be replaced.


Yes, the “Corner at Wescott” project is alive  and presumably well. This project at Dorchester and Wescott Boulevard is perhaps  better known as the “Harris Teeter” project. The developer reported over the  weekend that site clearing should begin in late June.


Art & Fine Craft CoOp Gallery Opening in North  Charleston

The  City’s Cultural Arts Department will host its annual Spring Art and Fine Craft  CoOp Gallery and Sale at the Meeting Place each Friday and Saturday from April 6  through May 26. The annual pop-up gallery and temporary artist cooperative is  dedicated to presenting works by many Lowcountry artists of varied backgrounds  in a diverse array of media and styles, from representational to contemporary,  in both two and three dimensions. All pieces on display will be available for  sale. Artwork ranges from original oils, watercolors, and mixed media, to  photography, fused glass, prints, note cards, and more. Participating artist  include Dorothy Allston Rogers, Sherri Bardsley, James Black, Jack Devlin, Kate  Fortney, Jeffrey Hair, Michael Kaynard, Muriel Lanciault, Keller Lee, Karol-Ann  Skelly, Francina Smalls-Joyner, Denise Spates, and Vordai.


The  artists will host a free public reception on Wednesday, May 9, from 5:00-8:00pm  during the annual Art Walk in the Olde Village area of North Charleston. Both  the Art Walk and the Art and Fine Craft CoOp are components of the 2012 North  Charleston Arts Festival, held May 4-12.

The  Meeting Place is at 1077 East Montague Avenue in the Olde Village and parking is free. CoOp gallery hours are  Fridays and Saturdays, 11:00am-7:00pm. Direct inquiries about this exhibition and  other exhibition opportunities to the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department  at 843)740-5854.



Please  contact me anytime I can help you with city services or to share your advice and  counsel. And please help me pass the word that anyone can receive these District  4 updates. Just send me the e  mail address I can be reached at

North Charleston’s Farmers Market opens Thursday

The North Charleston Farmers Market will open Thursday, April 19, 2012 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm in its new location at 1055 East Montague Avenuein the Olde Village of North Charleston off of Park Circle. The market will be open every Thursday until mid-October.

The City of North Charleston’s annual Farmers Market includes a number of local farmers and growers selling local produce, free-range poultry & beef, and locally caught seafood.  Local vendors will be on hand offering arts and crafts, and even gourmet dog treats.
Each week the City’s Cultural Arts Department features a performance or artist to showcase.  Musical performances on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursday of each month and art demonstrations on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.
On April 19, Michael Wolk will be featured, playing live acoustic music from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Wescott upcoming events‏

The golfing season is in full swing.  Bubba’s win at The Masters was great to see, and now everyone is on the range trying to hit a 40 yard hook with their wedge.

We have alot going on at Wescott in the upcoming months.  Check our full calendar here for a list of upcoming tournaments and events.


Featuring Board Walk Music by Jim Bowers of the East Coast Shag Club.  Join us on the First and Third Wednesday each month from 6-9pm.  $10.00 entrance fee-to be used towards food and beverage.



Curtis Jacobi Memorial Golf Tournament

Saturday, May 5th @ 11:00

$79 per player includes food and awards after golf.

Click Here to register. for more info and sponsorship levels.






Golf Clinics

Women’s Clinic 4-one hour lessons.

May 9th,16th,23rd,and 30th @ 1:00


Get Golf Ready 5-one hour lessons June 2nd, 9th,16th,23rd, and 30th at 9 a.m.


Contact Fred McCray @

or Perry Green @



Wescott Commons is a new subdivision coming soon to the Wescott Plantation area.  The subdivision will be located off of Ballentine Drive next to Sandpines subdivision and just before you enter the Woodlands subdivision.  Homes will be priced from $140k to $200k.  Construction is expected to begin this summer. 

I would like to thank the neighborhood HOA Presidents, and residents, from across our District that participated in the numerous meetings over the past month and a half.  Together we were able to create the victory that we had at City Council last Thursday.  This victory resulted in a last minute compromise from the Developer to improve the traffic flow and road ingress/egress.  We surely would have lost this fight to preserve our quality of life in our District without your help.  



We have a new Dunkin Donuts coming to our area.  It will be located by the Waffle House near the Kangaroo Station on Dorchester Road.  Dorchester County Council has an agenda item this week to approve water and sewer service to this parcel. 



There are all kinds of programs, for all ages, put on by the Cultural Arts Department.  Many of these event notices are posted on my website.  There are art workshops, classes, camps, exhibitions, performances, and special events.  Also, there are teaching and artist opportunities for those with that wonderful creative talent.  To find out more go to: 

The North Charleston Arts Festival will be May 4-12!! 
Contact the Department directly to receive their emails by calling 740-5854 or email them at  Tell them I referred you. _____________________________________________________


Last week North Charleston planted the missing trees in the median of Wescott Blvd.  There were about 8+ trees that had been run over by cars during the past few years that had never been replaced.  



The light poles that were leaning significantly along Wescott Blvd. have been straightened by SCE&G. 



The Corner at Wescott is still on track for development to begin late June or early July.  We should have the Marshals by November and the Harris Teeter by December.  I was also informed that a Moe’s Restaurant and a Starbuck Cafe will be part of the shopping center.   



Go to my website for daily posts.  Councilman Brinson and I have designed this to be a one-stop resource for the daily crime report and links for useful information about our city.  Additionally, I am on Facebook and I periodically post updates there.


Tell your friends and neighbors, about my newsletters and my website so they can get the help and information they need.  Only a small fraction of you in our District are receiving this.  I need your help to get the word out!  I am here to serve so feel free to forward this email to them and encourage them to send me an email.  I will add them to my newsletters and try to answer any questions they may have. 


Thank you for contacting me with your advice, concerns, feedback, or requests.  Please continue to do so!

Dwight Stigler
North Charleston District 9 Councilman

Success for District 9: Wescott Commons!!!

Dear Friends of District 9,

We had quite a lively meeting this evening at North Charleston City Hall.  We received a last minute compromise from the Developer that was acceptable to the constituents representing our neighborhoods and by City Council. 
We would not have achieved this victory without those that participated in the meetings over the past couple of months.  Thank you for trusting me as your public servant, for your wisdom, advice, guidance, and for helping me protect our quality of life in this area.  I am proud to serve you, this was a tough fight for our area, and we should all be proud that we were able to accomplish this together.  Before I cast my vote this evening and signaled to my fellow Council Members how we should vote collectively, I asked our residents in attendance if they found tonights proposal acceptable.  Your input tonight determined the outcome of the vote; I graciously had the support of my fellow Council Members to vote either for, or against, the new compromise put before us.  They were also listening and supporting you.  Fortunately we were left with a great last minute compromise to accept.
The outcome was that the Developer agreed to give up one lot to create a new curb cut that would become the only exit from the new subdivision.  This exit lane would be lined up to the existing Sandpines intersection at W Liberty Meadows Drive.  Additionally, the two outermost curb cuts would be entrances only.  North Charleston also will install two solar powered blinking lights at the exit intersection.
Thank you for your support and help with this process.  We can accomplish a lot together!
Kind regards,
Dwight Stigler
North Charleston District 9 Councilman

Entries Sought for 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival

Entries Sought for 2012 North Charleston Arts Festival

Judged Fine Art & Photography Competitions & Exhibitions


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Fine artists and professional and amateur photographers ages 18 and up are invited to participate in the annual North Charleston Arts Festival Judged Fine Art and Judged Photography Competitions and Exhibitions, which will be on display throughout the Charleston Area Convention Center Complex May 4-12, 2012. Cash prizes are awarded for winning entries. Details for participation are available for download on the Applications page at The deadline for submissions is 7:00pm on Thursday, May 3, for photography, and noon on Friday, May 3, for fine art. Entry fees are $5 and $10, respectively.


Fine artists may submit work in 5 categories: Acrylic, Oil, Drawing/Pastel, Watercolor, and Mixed Media. Entries will compete for cash prizes totaling up to $4425. Awards are at the sole discretion of the juror, Kimberly H. Spears.  As the Executive Director of the Anderson County Arts Council, Ms. Spears oversees the rotating gallery exhibitions in the Anderson County Arts Center. She has served as juror for art exhibitions around the state.


Photographers may submit work in the Professional/Advanced division or Amateur division under the categories of Color or Monochrome. Entries will compete for cash prizes totally up to $1450 and are judged using the Photographic Society of America Print Guidelines.  Scoring is done by three competent judges in the field of photography who will score entries using the 3-9 range of scores.  Each judge will evaluate each entry as a whole, considering the areas of Impact, Composition, and Technique.  However, there is no specific weighting or allotment of points for each category.  This system is used efficiently and effectively by many councils, at international exhibitions, and by camera clubs. It allows an adequate qualitative separation of entries while lessening the potential for a large number of the higher scoring entries having identical scores. In the event of a tie-breaker, judges will choose the winning entry.


Awards for both competitions will be announced at an artist reception on Friday, May 4, from 6:00-7:00pm at the Charleston Area Convention Center, located at 5001 Coliseum Drive in North Charleston. Exhibition viewing times are Saturday, May 5, 10:00am – 4:00pm; Sunday, May 6, 2:00pm – 5:00pm; Monday through Friday, May 7-11, 9:00am – 5:00pm; and Saturday, May 12, 9:00am – 12:00pm.


The North Charleston Arts Festival, scheduled May 4-12, is one of the most comprehensive arts festivals in the Lowcountry, providing thousands of residents & visitors with a fabulous array of performances, exhibitions, and activities. The Main Event, held the first weekend in May, offers free admission and parking to over 40 performances on four stages.  Other Main Event activities include exhibitions, a gem and mineral show, an antique show, children’s activities, art and crafts booth, and food court.  The Arts Festival continues with over 50 free or moderately priced ticketed events throughout the week at various locations and concludes with fireworks over the Cooper River at the Grand Finale at Riverfront Park.


For more information about the North Charleston Arts Festival, or to download applications for the Judged Fine Art and Photography Competitions and Exhibitions, visit For more information about other exhibition opportunities, visit or call the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department office at 843-740-5854.




Ann Simmons | Arts Coordinator

Cultural Arts Department

City of North Charleston

Direct: 843.740.5848 | Main: 843.740.5854 |Fax: 843.529.2291


Planning Commission Agenda – April 9, 2012

APRIL 9, 2012
6:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order – Chairman Sue Thigpen

II. Minutes:  Consideration of the March 12, Planning Commission Minutes

III.       Bills:

                     A. Proposed annexation/rezonings of the properties located at 9289, 9295, 9301, and 9309 Black Bottom Road (TMS #390-00-00-053, 155, 156, & 239) from Charleston County’s zoning to M-1, Light Industrial along with a concurrent proposal to change the Comprehensive Development Future Land Use Map designation from Single-    Family, Suburban to Light Industrial.

                     B. Proposed rezoning of the properties known as Trailwood Mobile Home Park located at 5554 Trailwood Drive and 5400 Dorchester Road (TMS #409-00-00-007 and TMS #408-00-00-002) from R-3, Mobile Home Residential to M-1, Light Industrial.

Proposed rezoning of the property located at 5552 Trailwood Drive (TMS #408-00-00-003) from B-1, Limited Business to M-1, Light Industrial.

Proposed rezoning of the properties located at 5502 and 5560 Dorchester Road (TMS #408-00-00-004 & 005) from B-2, General Business to M-1, Light Industrial.

Proposed rezoning of the properties located at 5650 and 5590 Dorchester Road (TMS #408-00-00-006 & 042) from R-2, Multi-family Residential to M-1, Light Industrial.

Proposed rezoning of the property located at 5584 Dorchester Road (TMS #408-00-00-055) from split zoned B-1, Limited Business and R-2, Multi-family Residential to M-1, Light Industrial.


C. Proposed rezoning of the property located at 6405 Fain Street (TMS #475-00-00-009) from M-1, Light Industrial to a PDD, Planned Development  to be known as Aviation Commerce Park along with a concurrent proposal to amend the Comprehensive Development Plan Future Land Use Map changing the designation from Conservation to Heavy Industrial.


IV.       Subdivision/Variances:

A. Proposed Approval of a Subdivision Variance from the Provisions of Article XVIII, Section 18-52 Paragraph (a) Relating to the Installation of Required Sidewalks for the Property Located at 4105 Faber Place Drive (Blake Rawlins, Holder Properties).

B. Proposed Approval of a Subdivision Variance from the Provisions of Article XVIII, Section 18-52 Paragraph (a) Relating to the Installation of Required Sidewalks for the Property Located at 4257 Domino Avenue (Big Building, LLC).

C. Proposed Approval of a Subdivision Variance from the Provisions of Article XVIII, Section 18-40 Paragraph (a) Relating to the Minimum Lot Area Required for a R-1, Single Family Residentially Zoned Lot Located at 2052 Delaware Avenue (Island Surveying, Inc.).

D. Proposed Approval of a Request to Rename Weber Drive to Ingleside Boulevard.

E. Proposed Approval of an Easement Plat Showing a 10’ Drainage Easement Across TMS #s 408-09-00-148 thru 175 (Lots 36-25, 123-138) TMS #s 408-10-00-168 thru 171 (Lots 44-41), and TMS #s 408-10-00-178 thru 183 (Lots 122, 49-45) About to be Acquired by the City of North Charleston Public Works Department (Davis & Floyd, Inc.).


V.        Other Business:

An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Appendix of the Ordinances of the City of North Charleston Creating Section 6-18 Fencing and Walls Ordinance

VI.       Adjournment

Those persons who wish to appear before the Commission should sign-in or contact the Department of Planning & Management (740-2578) no later than 5:45 P.M. on the date of the meeting.