We need YOUR HELP by this Friday August 3rd to save Mayor Summey


Time is Running Out!



 Take a look at the important video below from North Charleston Police Chief John Zumalt.  We need

YOUR HELP in finding Mayor Summey before August 3rd at noon.  Please visit www.lowcountrymystery.com

and register as a Private Investigator to solve this Crime!

Click here to view video

Lowcountry Mystery is now coming down to its final days.  Over the month of July we have been revealing a series of clues from a list of key suspects who may have kidnapped Mayor Summey.

Watch the full playlist of clues here.

Then go to www.lowcountrymystery.com  to register as a Private Investigator and make a guess at who took Mayor Summey.  You have until August 3rd at noon to submit your answer! Watch the videos, make a guess and let’s find the Mayor!

(not to mention helping Metanoia get off to a great start on its annual fundraising campaign)


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