Daily Crime Report – October 25

OCA Date Address Apt Zone Offense Weapon
2.01E+09 10/25/12 5:05 1290 REMOUNT ROAD 4 Robbery (Person) Alleged Personal
2.01E+09 10/25/12 4:35 3719 Saint Johns AVE 2 Burglary (Business) Arrest
2.01E+09 10/24/12 7:00 7925 Saint Ives RD 17-E 8 Stolen Vehicle
2.01E+09 10/23/12 21:00 4976 Wescott BLVD 1227 9 Stolen Vehicle Att
2.01E+09 10/24/12 19:30 4724 Gaynor AVE 4 Homicide Firearm
2.01E+09 10/21/12 18:00 5230 Dorchester RD 5 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/19/12 16:00 8749 Antler DR 8 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/15/12 8:00 1303 Mosstree RD 2 Theft of Copper

Weekend Crime Report – Oct 22

OCA Date Address Apt Zone Offense Weapon
2.01E+09 10/21/12 0:37 2415 MALL DR 4 Robbery (Pizza Deliveryman) Att Personal Arrest x2
2.01E+09 10/21/12 4:10 7582 Stafford RD 8 Robbery (Person) Stick
2.01E+09 10/19/12 19:56 4731 N Appaloosa CT 9 Robbery (Person) Personal
2.01E+09 10/20/12 19:15 3311 Mountainbrook AVE 1 9 Robbery (Person) Tec 9 & handgun
2.01E+09 10/15/12 16:00 1235 S Park PL 2 Burglary (Residence) Vacant
2.01E+09 10/20/12 5:49 1213 Remount RD Food Lion 4 Burglary (Business)
2.01E+09 10/18/12 22:00 7895 Elm Springs RD 105 7 Burglary (Residence)
2.01E+09 10/20/12 21:35 7654 Warsaw RD 104 7 Burglary (Residence)
2.01E+09 10/21/12 7:45 5054 Foxwood DR 7 Burglary (Residence) Att
2.01E+09 10/20/12 8:30 8769 Tigershark AVE 8 Burglary (Residence)
2.01E+09 10/21/12 16:25 7629 Sandlapper PKWY 9 Burglary (Business)
2.01E+09 10/19/12 21:00 3916 Rhett Park DR 3 2 Stolen / Recovered Moped Arrest x2
2.01E+09 10/20/12 21:00 1931 Pine Forest DR 152 2 Stolen / Recovered Moped
2.01E+09 10/1/12 12:00 2106 Target ST 4 Stolen Vehicle
2.01E+09 10/18/12 23:50 6625 Dorchester RD LOT 48 5 Stolen Motorcycle
2.01E+09 10/19/12 18:30 2804 Falla Av 3 Possession of a Stolen Motorcycle Arrest
2.01E+09 10/19/12 21:06 Azalea & Industrial 3 Weapon Offense (Firearm) .38 Cal Arrest
2.01E+09 10/20/12 4:43 2020 Alton ST 4 Weapon Offense (Firearm) 9MM Arrest
2.01E+09 10/20/12 1:42 7575 RIVERS AVE 8 Weapon Offense (Firearm) .38 Cal Arrest
2.01E+09 10/20/12 6:00 5542 Meadow AVE 4 Natural Death
2.01E+09 10/20/12 12:00 2551 ASHLEY PHOSPHATE RD RM 119 8 Suspicious Death
2.01E+09 10/21/12 14:32 2253 REBECCA ST 4 Homicide / Shooting (ABWIK) Handguns Arrest x2
2.01E+09 10/20/12 13:00 1815 Clements AVE 2B 1 Stabbing (ABWIK) Screwdriver Arrest
2.01E+09 10/21/12 22:00 3749 Azalea DR 3 Shooting (ABWIK) Handgun
2.01E+09 10/20/12 11:07 7324 HEATLEY RD L31 6 Stabbing (Minor) Pencil Arrest
2.01E+09 10/20/12 20:25 8480 Rivers AVE 8 Pointing & Presenting a Firearm Silver Handgun
2.01E+09 10/21/12 23:14 3068 BRIGHAM DR 8 Pointing & Presenting a Firearm .40 cal Arrest
2.01E+09 10/19/12 17:00 2702 Leola ST 3 B&E Auto x2
2.01E+09 10/19/12 19:20 4820 Piedmont AVE 4 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/20/12 23:00 1806 Wasp ST 4 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/19/12 7:00 7351 Mazyck RD 6 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/21/12 17:00 7965 Edgebrook CIR D 7 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/19/12 15:00 8805 Antler DR 8 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/20/12 17:30 2204 Fawn ST 8 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/18/12 4:00 2326 Air Park RD 4 Theft of a License Tag

Daily Crime Report – Oct 19

OCA Date Address Apt Zone Offense Weapon
2.01E+09 10/18/12 20:22 8599 Rivers AVE 8 Robbery (Person) Personal Arrest x3
2.01E+09 10/17/12 15:00 4791 Apartment BLVD 6816 7 Burglary (Residence)
2.01E+09 10/11/12 13:00 4912 Pineridge RD 9 Burglary (Residence) Alleged
2.01E+09 10/16/12 19:20 5730 Dorchester RD 5 Stolen Vehicle
2.01E+09 10/18/12 20:43 9200 University BLVD 8 Stolen Vehicle
2.01E+09 10/18/12 13:22 3700 Rivers AVE 2 Counterfeit Money ($20)
2.01E+09 10/18/12 8:00 4045 Bridge View DR 3 Counterfeit Money ($10)
2.01E+09 10/17/12 8:00 7501 Rivers AVE 8 Counterfeit Money ($20)
2.01E+09 10/18/12 22:23 Ashley Phosphate & Mazyck 9 Weapon Offense (Firearm) .40 Cal Arrest
2.01E+09 10/18/12 9:00 5112 SOUTHSIDE DR 5 Suspicious Fire (Residence)
2.01E+09 10/18/12 22:50 6601 Rivers AVE 6 Shooting (ABWIK) .22 Cal
2.01E+09 10/17/12 17:30 2704 Kershaw ST 3 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/17/12 20:00 2692 MADDEN Drive 3 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 9/13/12 12:00 7311 Spa RD 6 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/17/12 22:00 3334 Stonehaven DR 9 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/17/12 23:00 7636 STONEHAVEN DR 9 B&E Auto
2.01E+09 10/14/12 23:30 8340 BERRINGER BLF 7 Theft of a License Tag
2.01E+09 10/13/12 12:00 3550 Agape CT 8 Theft from a Construction Site
2.01E+09 10/17/12 17:00 3601 Pimmit PL 9 Theft from a Construction Site

North Charleston City Gallery to Exhibit Works by BAMN’N

North Charleston City Gallery to Exhibit Works by BAMN’N


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts Department is pleased to announce that works by the artist collective, BAMN’N, LLC, will be on exhibit at the North Charleston City Gallery from November 1-30, 2012. The public is invited to attend a free reception at the gallery hosted by the artists on Thursday, November 1, from 5pm-7pm.


The group exhibition, titled Contemporary Cross Currents, features a collection of paintings, fine craft, and mixed media pieces by members of BAMN’N, LLC, and special guests. BAMN’N is an acronym for By Any Means Necessary, Now. The group describes themselves as socially concerned, aesthetically astute contemporary artists with a mission to support, facilitate, and foster artistic opportunities for contemporary artists through exhibitions, peer mentoring, collections, education, etc. Members include Marty Biernbaum, Arianne King Comer, Hank D. Herring, KTC, and Addelle Sanders. Special guests featured in Contemporary Cross Currents include Susanne Frenzel, Andrea Hazel, Hampton R. Olfus, Jr., Pedro Rodriquez, Francina Smalls-Joyner, and Cookie Washington.


As BAMN’N’s first exhibition, Contemporary Cross Currents aims to draw attention to the rich diversity we share as a contemporary culture. The eleven featured artists use their work to help bridge gaps of misunderstanding between cultures, religions, races, political beliefs, gender and age.  “We seek to draw people together, in the shared experience of viewing our art,” explains BAMN’N member, KTC.  “We also want to visually touch, move, and inspire through our diverse artistic expressions,” she adds.


The North Charleston City Gallery is located in the common areas of the Charleston Area Convention Center with free parking and admission during regular Convention Center operating hours 9:00am-5:00pm, daily.  The gallery is staffed on Friday, Saturday, and Monday only.   Inquiries regarding artists or purchase information may be directed to the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department at (843) 740-5854. For information on additional exhibits, programs, and events, visit the Cultural Arts section of the City’s website at www.northcharleston.org.

Backporch Storytellers set the scene for Halloween at North Charleston Ghost Walk

Backporch Storytellers set the scene for Halloween at North Charleston Ghost Walk

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Get into the Halloween spirit with spooky tales and creepy legends appropriate for all ages at the North Charleston Ghost Walk on Saturday, October 27. The Olde Village section of East Montague Avenue in North Charleston will host up to eight storytelling stations featuring lively presentations of local folklore and traditional ghost stories by the talented members of the Backporch Storytellers of Charleston.

This exclusive one night only event will take place from 6:00-8:00pm. Groups will begin their haunted adventure at The Meeting Place, located at 1077 East Montague Avenue. Guests may visit any number of storytelling stations, with the full tour lasting approximately one and a half hours. Stations are located both indoors and outside. Participants are encouraged to add to the Halloween fun by attending in costume.

Tickets are available for purchase on the night of the event and cost $4 for adults and $1 for children 12 and under. A special rate of $6 is being offered for groups consisting of one adult and three children. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the City’s Christmas Charity benefiting needy families. Homemade treats and hot chocolate will be available for purchase.

About the Backporch Storytellers
The Backporch Storytellers is a non-profit organization created in 1987 to serve as a storytelling support group for adult storytellers and listeners and a resource for people interested in oral literature. The mission of the group is to preserve and perpetuate the ancient art of Storytelling and to preserve the multi-cultural stories of the Old South, which includes Sea Island and Gullah tales and stories. Several members are listed on the Artist in Residence in Education roster for the South Carolina Arts Commission. For more information, visit backporchstorytellers.com.

The North Charleston Ghost Walk is sponsored by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department. For more details about the event, or for information about other programs and services offered by the department, visit http://bit.ly/culturalarts, call 843-740-5854 or email culturalarts@northcharleston.org.


North Charleston seeks “Citizen of the Year” nominations

North Charleston seeks “Citizen of the Year” nominations

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The North Charleston Citizen Advisory Council is seeking nominations for the 2012 “Citizen of the Year.” Each year, North Charleston citizens are nominated to identify, honor, and reinforce the activities of exceptional citizens whose service or performance positively contributes to the quality of life in North Charleston.

Nominees must possess and demonstrate a generous community spirit, prove their commitment, and display a consistent effort of positively impacting the community, thereby raising the standards of social responsibility.

All applications are welcome, and should include a detailed explanation for the nomination along with the nominee’s name, address, and phone number. Also, the individual(s) submitting the application should include their name, address, and phone number. Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by Thursday, November 1, 2012 for consideration.

Submit online:


http://bit.ly/citizenoftheyear (shortened link)

Or mail nominations to:
City of North Charleston
Citizens Advisory Council
c/o Executive Department
P.O. Box 190016
North Charleston, SC 29419-9016

City of North Charleston Planning Commission October 8, 2012


Suzanne Thigpen – Chairperson

Mark Kerce – Vice Chairperson

Joseph McIntyre

Sammie Douan

Legal Staff:

Francie Austin

Kriston Neely



OCTOBER 8, 2012




6:00 P.M.

Coakley Hilton

Thomas Brinson

Vernon Pryor

James Kramer

  1. Call to Order – Chairperson Sue Thigpen


        1. Minutes: Consideration of the September 10, 2012 Planning Commission Meeting



        1. Bills:


  1. Proposed Rezoning of the Propery Located at 5080 Rivers Avenue (Charleston County TMS #472-12-00-116) from B-2, General Business, to M-2, Heavy Industrial (Council District 7)


  1. Proposed Rezoning of the Properties Addressed as 4325 Gwinnett Street (Charleston County TMS #408-02-00-115 through 118) from R-2, Multi-Family Residential, to R-3, Mobile Homes Residential (Council District 5)


  1. Proposed Rezoning of the Property Located at 4341 Andrews Street (Charleston County TMS #408-02-00-022), from R-2, Multi-Family Residential, to R-3, Mobile Home Residential (Council District 5)



        1. Subdivision/Variances:

  1. Proposed Approval of a Final Plat Bearing the Title “Final Plat Showing Indigo Palms, Phase IV, within the Existing Subdivision of Windsor Hill, for the Property of Park Investors, Located in Dorchester County, SC” (Joseph O. Eelman, Land Surveyor) /Council District 4



V. Other Business:

  1. Summary of Actions Taken by City Council at its September 13th and September 27th Meetings



VI. Adjournment



REMINDER: The November meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.



Persons who wish to appear before the Commission should sign-in or contact the Department of Planning & Zoning (740-2578) no later than 5:45 pm on the date of the meeting.

District 9 Newsletter



On Sept. 24th the FDRA held its 1st meeting and it was a great success.  The FDRA approved by-laws and elected Jamie McDowell as our District 9 Co-Chairman and Lisa Thompson as District 4 Co-Chairman.  Now, Jamie and Lisa, need help and support from you.  The FDRA needs volunteers, guest speakers, and for you to let them know who you want to hear from and what kind of information you want shared.  Jamie can be contacted at jamiemcdowell@bellsouth.net.  The next meeting will be on November 5th at the Community Center at 7801 Dorchester Rd. at 7PM.  The FRDA needs your attendance too!  The Mission Statement of the FDRA is the following:

The Fort Dorchester Residential Association will represent its members is all aspects of community and neighborhood issues related to the City of North Charleston services, such as planning, zoning, police and fire protection and all issues related directly or indirectly to the quality of life for residents living in Districts 4 and 9.



How many dates have we been given as to when this construction will begin?  July, August, September, well now I’m told it will be within the next week; October!  There have been some unforeseen delays that the Developer has experienced from SCDOT, Partners, and financing but now I’m told this is all being finalized this week.  



It’s under full construction again!  Do you realize that our park will have more than baseball fields to offer?  It will have a sand volleyball court, horseshoe court, picnic areas, shelters, a dog park, playground, and a meeting place for organizations and families to enjoy?  Click here (WP_Site_Plan) to see a copy of our Wescott Park site plan.  The park is planned for a spring opening.  It is now booked to be hosting a national baseball tournament next summer.  The property consists of 50 acres with 32 of these acres as buildable high land.


Go to my website at www.ronbrinson.com for daily posts pertaining to our city (www.northcharleston.org) and greater neighborhood that includes Districts 4 and 9.  This is designed to be a one-stop resource for the daily crime report, North Charleston events, and helpful links for useful information about our city.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds offer another way to get www.ronbrinson.com content (i.e., postings such as crime reports, city news & events, etc.).  Setup your email client with a RSS feed linked to my website and you’ll get the latest news sent to you directly via email when it is posted without having to go to my website.  It’s a great way to be notified when something new has been posted throughout the day.

Join me on Facebook too.  I periodically post updates there as well.



I need for you to tell your residents about these newsletters.  How else will everyone effectively learn about the FDRA, Wescott Park, the Harris Teeter shopping center, processing city service requests, daily crime statics in our area, and many other activities in our city and district?  I have attended several HOA meetings, and I’m surprised to learn about how poorly information is reaching down to our community residents.  Help them get plugged into our community.  Invite me and I will attend your HOA meetings.  Only a small fraction of you in our district are receiving this information so please share it!  

Thank you for contacting me with your advice, concerns, feedback, or requests.  Please continue to do so! 

Dwight Stigler
North Charleston District 9 Councilman

Veterans Day in North Charleston, a Tribute to our Veterans

Veterans Day in North Charleston, a Tribute to our Veterans


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The City of North Charleston will host its annual Veterans Day tribute on Monday, November 12, 2012 from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at Park Circle. We ask veterans and the public to join Mayor R. Keith Summey and City Council in this special ceremony.  Last year, over 500 veterans in attendance were honored.


The Department of Defense and the Veterans Day National Committee has once again selected North Charleston as a Regional Site for Veterans Day 2012.  North Charleston is the only regional site in the State of South Carolina and has been selected for 3 consecutive years.


All veterans in attendance will be recognized and will receive a specially designed commemorative coin. To receive a coin, Veterans are urged to RSVP no later than October 25 to (843) 740-5801, (843) 745-1028 or via email at cdambaugh@northcharleston.org.


Lieutenant Colonel Vernon F. Lightner will be the event’s keynote speaker.  A native of Great Falls, South Carolina, Lt. Col. Lightner graduated Livingstone College in 1991 and subsequently received a commission in the US Army Military Police Corps.  He has served in a variety of leadership positions from platoon leader to battalion commander, most recently serving as the Director of Emergency Services at Fort Bliss, Texas.


Lt. Col. Lightner served in several operational deployments, including Operation Intrinsic Action in Kuwait, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, and two tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  He currently serves in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army, as the Regional Director, Southeastern Region, for the Soldier for Life Office.


Photos of Lt. Col. Lightner


Prior to the ceremony, from 9:30 am – 10:30 am, a story swap will be held in the Felix Davis Community Center.  Veterans will have an open opportunity to share memories and stories about their service with fellow veterans.  The story swap is open to the public.  Veterans wishing to speak should RSVP to (843) 740-5850.


Outback Steakhouse is once again sponsoring lunch for all of the event’s attendees.  Outback has sponsored the event for four consecutive years.


From past Veterans Day events

Photos: Veterans Day 2011

Photos: Veterans Day 2010

Video: Medal of Honor recipient Major General Livingston on Veterans Day

Video: 10 year old Tre’ Williams on what it means to be a veteran

Video: Major Joe Lysaght on the history of the Pledge of Allegiance