Year-to-date/Lowcountry Housing Update

Greetings Everyone,

While some of you may have read an abbreviated version of this encouraging news in today’s paper, I’ve attached detailed information for your consideration….


Number of closingsUp 13.5%

Price – is Up 5.1%

Sales are up in some areas more than 20%

We should sell 10k+ homes this year – a first since 2007

Admittedly, prices generally move a little slower than sales (Volume); however, we should see steady momentum into/throughout next year….

Remember, there is a reason LOCATION is so important – Therefore, when you want to discuss your neighborhood, I’m here to help.

Merry Christmas,

C. Troy Watson | BROKER/Co-Owner


2012 was the first ever Men of North Charleston Police Department Calendar created as a fundraiser for the South Carolina Special Olympics.

2012 was the first ever Men of North Charleston Police Department Calendar created as a fundraiser for the South Carolina Special Olympics.


The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for adults and children with disabilities.  The Special Olympics provides training and host competitions for over 3.7 millions athletes around the world in more than 170 countries.  They also assist with the individualized needs of their participants outside the realms of the competition.


After many hours of volunteering and months of preparation…the Men of North Charleston Police 2013 Calendar is finally here!!!


Please help support our officers and NCPD employees in maximizing our donation by purchasing a calendar.  Calendars are $15.00 each.  All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be donated to the South Carolina Special Olympics local chapter and their participants.


Calendars will be on sale at the NCPD Victim Advocate Office or NCPD Public Information Officer located on the second floor of City Hall.

Applications Sought for National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition

Applications Sought for National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Sculpture artists from across the nation are invited to participate in the eighth annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition. Up to 15 sculptures will be juried into the exhibit and compete for cash prizes totaling up to $14,750. The exhibition is presented as a component of the annual North Charleston Arts Festival, to be held May 3-11, 2013. Applications may be downloaded from the Applications page at Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 1, 2013.


Organized and presented by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department, this 11 month exhibition offers established and emerging artists the opportunity to display their thought provoking, extraordinary sculptures throughout the picturesque North Charleston Riverfront Park. Set on the banks of the Cooper River, Riverfront Park features ten acres of walking paths, a boardwalk and fountain, an expansive lawn with performance pavilion, children’s play areas, and picnic sites.  The historic site is centered in the Noisette District, the largest urban redevelopment project ever undertaken in the United States.


Janet Kagan, a Founding Principal of the Public Art Collaborative, will jury this year’s exhibit.  Kagan has more than three decades of experience in strategic planning with established and emergent art programs, and management of projects representing both artists and agencies.  She has held positions in city government; local and statewide non-profit organizations; international architectural and interpretive design firms; and on boards and committees of national and regional arts organizations.  She leads and directs design teams, and serves as liaison among artists, clients, public agencies, and elected officials.  Since 2010, Kagan and her colleagues have also been creating and directing innovative alliances between nationally recognized artists and small manufacturers in rural counties to foster economic revitalization.  She is currently Associate Editor of the International Journal of the Arts In Society, participates on artist selection panels and juries, and teaches about public art to artists and communities.  She holds an MA in Philosophy of Art and an MBA.


The National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition will be on display May 1, 2013, through March 23, 2014, at North Charleston Riverfront Park, located at 1001 Everglades Avenue in North Charleston. An opening reception and announcement of awards will be held at the Charleston Area Convention Center on Friday, May 3, 2013.  For more information about the North Charleston Arts Festival, the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition, or other exhibition opportunities, contact the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department at (843) 740-5854, email, or


FDRA Notice

Fort Dorchester Residential Association

There will not be a meeting of the Association in December!

 Along with the holidays, there appears to rather uneventful current season from the point of items for the FDRA.  Although there are always items that one might want to consider, there appears to be no immediately pressing issues at this point.  Therefore in consideration of the Holiday season and the juxtaposition of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons the next meeting will be held after the turning of the year – most likely in early January.  We are considering pursuing several options (subjects and venue) for the next meeting and will provide an agenda and time in December.

In general we will continue to consider outreach activities and contacts based on the discussion at the last meeting.  Further outreach activities need to be discussed.

Also in the context of the suggestions at the last meeting, possible candidates for speakers at future meetings are being considered.

If there are any comments or suggestions on either of these matters please return them to the following web site: (


G. Warren McCarl MD


Fort Dorchester Residential Association (FDRA)

Fort Dorchester Residential Association


Minutes:   November 5, 2012

Venue:   North Charleston Community Center, 7801 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC

Time:     Scheduled Time, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Attendees:  See Below

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by the co-chairpersons.

Recruitment of new members:

The first agenda item was to identify and implement methods of outreach to potential new members and there was a suggestion for a subcommittee to implement this in District 4 and 9.  There was a general impetus to more widely spread the word of the formation of the FDRC.

A number of people agreed to contact many of the currently existing communities.  Communities noted included Cedar Grove, Whitehall, and The Refuge.  It was noted in District 4 there were thought to be 17 communities and in District 9 there were 12 communities.  Beyond the various communities there were a number of apartment complexes that would be important to contact through the use of flyers and direct contacts because they did not have formal organizational entities such as HOAs or POAs.  In order to contact as many individuals and organizations as possible Lisa Thompson agreed to contact Wellborne Village, Bellwood, the apartments on Ladson Road, The Legends apartment at Charleston Park.   Ellie Morrow agreed to contact McKewn, Winsor Club, and The Reserve.  George McCarl will contact Coosaw Creek and Jamie McDowell will contact the Saddlebrook homes and the apartments across the street on Patriots Blvd.


Agenda item two was related to the provision of speakers for future meetings of the FDRA.  Mr. Brinson suggested contacting Mayer Keith Summey to come and further discussion suggested having him speak at the meeting on the first Monday in December in the Wescott Clubhouse. This needs to be confirmed with schedules.  He also suggested the developer of Wescott Corner for a discussion of the development of The Corner at Wescott.  Also suggested was Angela McJunkin, Code Enforcement for the city of North Charleston (843-740-2670,

Another possibility was Sid Shell to discuss the status of homeless veterans and possible housing model based on transition housing, for instance, after the Pittsfield, Massachusetts example, for Veteran’s Day.

Community Resilience Program:

 There was a short discussion of the Tri-county program related to the Federal Government’s (Homeland Security Administration) initiative for developing Community resilience in the face of disasters such as storms, terrorist’s attacks, epidemics, and serious economic occurrences. Communities are encouraged to plan and develop self-sufficiency in the face of such events within Dorchester, Berkley, and Charleston Counties. These counties represent one of several such trial programs in the United States.  George McCarl stated the program is in its early stage and outreach to individual communities has not occurred as of yet although evaluation of capabilities of various pertinent relief and rescue organizations has been made.

Other Business

The FDRA now has a website ( to which items may be mailed for either agenda items for future meetings or issues of concern to the communities.

There was a complaint from the Farms at Wescott relative to noise pollution related to the closeness to the road and noise from Patriots Blvd and Palmetto Commerce Parkway.   In this context it was stated, in general, that concerns or complaints should be sent to the City of North Charleston Website but it should also be send to the appropriate City Council member at their websites at the same time for follow-up.  It was also noted, with the development of new homes and communities, noise would be a possible result in respect to traffic and people on roads and sidewalks.  One may email the City website by entering the City of North Charleston website at Support Center . Here one can submit a service request or ask a question of city staff.

Another concern was trees disintegrating in wetlands areas causing damage or injury to individuals who happen to live close at hand. To remedy this, and take down the trees, one must first get a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers and then the trees can be taken down but heavy equipment cannot be taken into the wetlands.  Essentially it must be done by hand.

Suggestions were made related to increasing the potential of recruiting new members including the use of door prizes and local venders to increase interest in FDRA.  It was indicated that the FDRA would entertain any reasonable suggestions for recruiting new members.

Respectively Submitted November 13, 2012

G. Warren McCarl, Secretary

Arron Hettesheimer, Dwight Stigler, Ed Marquardt, Elle Morrow, Jamie McDowell, John Mentel, Kenny Skipper, Lisa Thompson, Mike Sujka, Ron Brinson, Rich Symuleski, Richard Cerqueira, Robert Fackovec, Roz Mathis, Shirley Marquardt, Ty Mosier, Kaye Heins

Joint Base Charleston Tree Removal Project

One-hundred-forty acres of trees to be removed from JB CHS, CCAA to prevent flight safety hazards  

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. — Joint Base Charleston, in coordination with the Charleston County Aviation Authority, has awarded a contract to White Wood, Inc. to remove 140 acres of trees over a three year period on both JB Charleston – Air Base and CCAA property beginning 19 Nov., 2012, due to specific areas of land presenting flight safety issues.

The acres of trees being removed are in violation of Air Force safety standards, because their height exceeds specified limits for safe flight operations. The trees to be removed include some loblolly pine, but are mostly comprised of mixed hardwoods, such as various oaks, black gum and sweet gum.

The areas affected by the removal are in close proximity to the intersection of Dorchester Road and Michaux Parkway and extend toward the airfield.

The Air Force has established specific height restrictions that create imaginary surfaces for the runway. The imaginary surfaces vary depending upon the part of the runway.  For example, from the center of the runway outward, an item can be one foot tall for every seven feet from the runway centerline (7 to 1 slope).  From the ends of the runway, an item can be one foot tall for every fifty feet from the end of the runway (50 to 1 slope).

A majority of the trees that the tree removal project addresses violate the imaginary surfaces from the ends of the two runways and are up to 75 feet taller than the allowable imaginary surface.

Under this removal, airfield safety will increase because the potential for an aircraft to hit an obstruction will be greatly decreased after the trees are removed.  The potential for life and property-threatening mishaps will also be reduced.

A temporary and short-term increase in noise and traffic should be the only effect observed during implementation of the logging and land-clearing activities.  New roads or facilities will not be needed to accomplish the proposed action.

Any media interested in additional information should contact 2Lt. Leah Davis, 628th Air Base Wing Public Affairs office at (843) 963-5608/8714.