District 9 Updates News Brief

My family and I wish you a Happy Easter.

I have a few updates to share with you today.

The Consolidated Dispatch Center has changed the North Charleston Police Department’s Non Emergency Number. The new number is: 843-743-7200.  Call this number, for example, when you see suspicious activity in neighborhood. 

The following link is to an aerial shot of the Wescott Sports Park construction (You may need a FaceBook account to open the link).  The park is expected to be open in the next few months!  This is for all North Charleston residents to enjoy.
Below is an excerpt from our Deputy Director, T.J. Rostin, of the North Charleston Recreation Department. The text below was sent to one of our residents regarding questions concerning the Wescott Park project and questions about indoor basketball facilities.

We currently have a basketball facility in the Ashley Phosphate/Dorchester Rd. area that is run by the City in conjunction with the Dorchester County School District.  The facility is the River Oaks Middle School gym.  We also have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cathedral Academy administration that allows us joint usage of their facility (gymnasium and outside athletic fields).  We utilize these two facilities quite extensively throughout the year and we organize Youth Basketball leagues in the winter and summer seasons at these facilities.
Prior to the final design for Wescott Park, we received many different ideas and feedback from a variety of people (City officials, youth baseball and softball players, citizens, neighborhood presidents, volunteer coaches, etc.).  We compiled these ideas and thoughts and then allowed our design firm to incorporate as many of them as possible, into our overall park plan.  This process took place approximately seven (7) years ago.
We will certainly continue to examine the needs of each corridor of our City to help us better serve our citizens in the future.
DORCHESTER ROAD (A State Rd. and not a City of North Charleston Rd.)
A decal right-turn lane and left turn-in lane are being added for the new Wescott Sports Park.  This will improve traffic flow as cars enter and exit the park.

There will also be a traffic light installed at Trump Street, which is the entrance to Charleston Park.  This has been years in the making as over 700 residents exit at this intersection each day.  The intersection improvements should begin in about 3 weeks.

The Wescott traffic circle is in the process of repairs and safety improvements.  The lighting was poor and the broken curbing is due to standing water.  Re-striping is planned with reflective thermoplastic paint and reflective pavement markers.  When the weather permits, we plan to have the concrete drainage flumes poured and cured.  We will also start repairing curbing. The city is trying to coordinate with SCE&G for additional lighting (interior and/or exterior). Finally, the last step will be the landscaping and re-striping of pavement. All this will take several months to complete and I anticipate the upgrades being completed this summer. 

I would like to thank Taylor Plantation residents for inviting me to speak at their community meeting last week.  It was a great time to meet each other, to share happenings within our city, and to answer any questions that came up.  

All neighborhoods, feel free to invite me anytime to your community or HOA Board meetings.  I’ll do my best to be there.  
Dwight Stigler
Councilman District 9 N. Charleston
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Crime Prevention Tips



Crime Prevention Tip:


Garage park your vehicle whenever possible.

Park your vehicle in well lit areas.

Consider an anti theft device or GPS for your vehicle.

Use a cover for your motorcycle.


B&E Auto


We typically see an increase in B&E autos during spring break.  In many of the B&E autos cars are left unsecured and loose change is the only thing taken.


Crime Prevention Tip:


Garage park your vehicle whenever possible.

Lock your car.

Park your vehicle in well lit areas.

Consider an anti theft device for your vehicle.

Remove all valuables from the vehicle.  Don’t just cover things up with a blanket.


Stay safe,


PFC Leahy



PFC Maria Leahy

North Charleston Police Department

Crime Prevention Unit