North Charleston Presents Summer Children’s Theatre Performances


14 June 2013

North Charleston Presents Summer Children’s Theatre Performances


NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – The City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts Department is pleased to offer two presentations of Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories by storyteller Doug Berky on Friday, June 28, as part of its Summer Children’s Theatre Series. The one hour performances are scheduled at 10:00am and 2:00pm at the Felix C. Davis Community Center in Park Circle.

Doug Berky weaves together many art forms to create the fabric of the stories from around the world featured in Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories. He uses the antics of physical comedy, the disguise of the mask, the illusion of mime, and the dynamics of story, to bring laughter and compassion to performances that transcend age, race and culture. Audiences will enjoy stories from classic collections such as Aeosop’s Fables from Greece, The Jataka Tales from India, and stories of Hans Christian Andersen from Denmark. Also included in the performance are stories from lesser known collections of folklore and mythology from Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Native American peoples. The composition of each performance of Gems is determined by considering the audience, the occasion, and the venue of an engagement, so the two presentations may not be the same.

Doug Berky began his professional training at the Dell’Arte School of Mime and Comedy in Blue Lake, California.  He has performed and taught as Artist-in-Residence throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe in schools, colleges, and festivals and is known internationally for his design and construction of masks. Doug appeared in the award-winning NBC children’s television series,See-Saw, in Portland, ME, and in four television specials for Swedish National Television in Stockholm, Sweden.  He has been the featured performer at events as diverse as The Eugene O’Neill Theater Cabaret Symposium and a national gathering of the National Council of Churches. For more information, visit

The Felix C. Davis Community Center is located at 4800 Park Circle in North Charleston. Tickets for each performance are $2 per child with accompanying adults admitted at no charge. Parking is free. Groups of 10+ are required to reserve space. Seats fill up fast, so reserve early by calling the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department office at 843-740-5854. For directions or information on additional programs and events organized and presented by the Cultural Arts Department, visit


Ann Simmons | Arts Coordinator

Cultural Arts Department

City of North Charleston

Direct: 843.740.5848 | Main: 843.740.5854 |Fax: 843.529.2291

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July District 9 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, 

Please read today’s article in the Post and Courier regarding a proposed TAX INCREASE from N. Charleston:
North Charleston Annual Budget
Every year at this time the Mayor and his staff propose an annual budget for City Council to either approve or not approve.  The July 2013 – July 2014 annual budget has made its way through our Finance Committee and is now set for approval, or disapproval, by City Council.  There are 10 council members and I am one of the 11 votes (including our Mayor); the budget requires 6 votes to approve it.  In summary the Mayor is proposing a 1 mil tax increase ($400k) that equates to about $6 per year on a home appraisal of $150,000 (A $300k home would be about $12/year.).  Here is my position that I read during our last City Council meeting:  I believe our city can avoid this tax increase by trimming our budget by $480,000.  We can cherry pick reasons for the increase and indicate that this tax increase is due to adding more police officers, firefighters, and to purchase more capital equipment.  However, it’s much more complex than that – because costs in the budget have not remained flat.  As you are aware, the budget is very dynamic and, in my opinion, we can’t attribute this tax increase to just a few specific items as mentioned above.  

I believe there is a great opportunity for us to lead our great City. We need to sell the Navy Hospital to a developer ASAP.  This was the proposed solution needed to revitalize that portion of our city.  We need to move forward in that regard.  Our business license payments have continued to exceed the projected budget amounts.  The economy continues to recover slowly and I believe the business license payments will continue to increases into next year. 

Our city continues to prosper with new businesses breaking ground in North Charleston each year.  Boeing has recently committed to add over 2000 more jobs to our local economy.  And, I’m confident they will continue to prosper.  Our hospitality tax, accommodations tax and sales tax collections are coming in ahead of budget projections this year.  It is likely that we will see a surplus of $300k-$400k in this item alone.  

After careful consideration and based on the advice and interests of many of my constituents,  I believe we can monitor and manage our spending levels within our city revenues; continue to achieve our high standards of services to our citizens, and therefore avoid a tax increase for our next fiscal year.  For these reasons I will be voting NO for the approval of this budget.            
Traffic Circle at Wescott
The Wescott traffic circle work is lingering too long!  Work was delayed due to all of the rain we’ve had and I’ve just been told that work won’t begin until after the new fiscal year; July 1.  I just heard back from our Public Works department and they had planned to re-start work by now but their budget has been frozen until mid-July.  SCE&G is to place 4 street lights inside the circle at each quadrant.  Concrete work (conduits, curbing and flumes) for drainage will be added too.  After that, the city will redo the irrigation, grass and replant with all new material.  Wescott Blvd will be re-striped and have new reflective pavement markers installed from the traffic circle to Patriot Blvd., the remainder will be done from Dorchester Rd to the circle after July.  (FYI: In case you’re hearing about this for the first time, Councilman Brinson and I have requested improvements to the lighting and broken curbing.  The lighting is poor and the broken curbing is due to standing water around the inside perimeter and soft soggy material underneath the curbing.  New drainage has been added.  Additionally, re-striping is planned with reflective thermoplastic paint and reflective pavement markers.) 
Fort Dorchester Residential Association
The FDRA met a few weeks ago and there were about 50 residents in attendance (from Indigo, Taylor Plantation, Coosaw, Whitehall, and Wescott Neighborhoods).  The meeting was a huge success and brought in residents in both Districts 4 and 9.  Their guest speaker was Cameron Zurbruegg, the Developer of The Corner at Wescott shopping center.  He shared new details with us and had a question/answer session.  Here’s a list of some of the stores that are either committed or in the works: Jersey Mike’s, Moe’s Southwestern Grill with outdoor seating, obviously Harris Teeter and Marshall’s, a dry cleaner, Nail Salon, Liquor Store up-scale, Great Clips, full service Salon & Day Spa (massage, etc.), Hallmark, Pet Supplies, Rack Room Shoes, questionably a Bank, a major casual restaurant (4500 sq. ft.) and perhaps other restaurants, and Starbuck’s.  Also Mattress Firm is included.  
The next meeting of the FDRA is on the first Monday in August, 5, 2013.  Mr. Butch Barfield will be discussing the Emergency Preparedness activities in North Charleston unless unforeseen circumstances occur.  He has enthusiastically agreed to speak and it will be at the Wescott Golf Clubhouse or a second choice, the Community Center on Dorchester Road.  The FDRA typically meets the 1st Monday of each month and is made up of all North Charleston residents in both Districts 4 and 9.  It was organized to create a forum for all of our neighborhoods to communicate with each other, the city, and any other developments in our area.  For more information about the FDRA please get in touch with our Co-Chairmen; Jamie McDowell at .  He will add you to the FDRA gmail list and keep you informed.   

The Corner at Wescott (Harris Teeter Shopping Center)
Due to the work (lights, wiring, wiring relocation, setting additional transformers, etc.) in and around the Harris Teeter site for that development, SCE&G notified us they would be cutting of a portion of street lights at the entrance to Wescott for a period of time. I think they originally estimated 30 days. We thought they would have been completed by now, but weather and the site construction lag delayed them.
Dorchester Road
Paving has begun along Dorchester Road.  Anytime now we will have the pot holes and rough surface from Ladson Road to Ashley Phosphate a distant memory.

Wescott Sports Complex
Our park is continuing to develop.  I drove through it several weeks ago.  Wow, it’s a beautiful park already!  It is still scheduled to open in the summer.

King’s Grant Pool And Tennis, LLC 
is happy to announce the Grand Opening of its facilities for residents of King’s Grant and neighboring communities for the 2013-2014 season.  Largest pool in the area and lighted tennis courts!  Time is of the essence because there will only be a limited number of memberships available and they will be on a first come – first served basis.  Please give Bess Hunt a call if you are interested.  Her number and email address are: 843-860-8572

HOAs and Community Management Groups
Share this email with your friends, neighbors, homeowner associations, and email distribution lists.  Let’s get the word out about what going on in our area of the city and help everyone stay informed.  If you aren’t receiving this email from me directly, send an email to me and I will add you to my distribution list.  I send email newsletters out every 2-3 months, as news accumulates, and post daily news on my website.  Go there for daily crime reports, daily press releases, and general help and information.

As always, please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.  My family and I wish you all well.
Dwight Stigler
Councilman District 9 
North Charleston

“McKewn Heape Tract PDD Proposed Amendments”


CASE NUMBER:  Z130606              DATE RECEIVED:  5/13/13




Existing Zoning:       PD, Planned Development (Heape Tract/McKewn)

Requested Zoning:  PD, Planned Development (Heape Tract/McKewn)

Property Owner:       Lennar Carolinas, LLC

Tax Map:                   Dorchester County 163-00-00-001, -002, -004, and -025

Address:                     None (vacant properties)

Area:                                      281.77 acres

Annexation:              1986 (-002), 2006 (others)

Council District:      4





The southern section of the Heape Tract/McKewn PDD is located south of Patriot Boulevard, east of Wescott Plantation, north of Coosaw Creek subdivision, and west of the Dorchester/Charleston County line.  The subject properties are undeveloped and heavily wooded, with some wetlands interspersed.  The surrounding area is primarily residential, with vacant properties zoned R-1, Single-Family Residential, and M-1, Light Industrial, to the east.





The properties were annexed and the PDD approved in 2006.  Subsequent changes to the PDD were approved in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.





The part of the Heape Tract/McKewn PDD south of Patriot Boulevard has recently been sold to the current owner.  The owner has requested certain changes to the PDD which will only be applicable to this section of the PDD.  The proposed changes are stated and discussed below:


  1. 1.     The following is added to the end of Section X of the Planned Development District Guidelines:


“The foregoing Proposed Land Use table shall be modified from time to time to reflect uses depicted on the Land Use Plan, including approved modifications, and approved plats, and minor deviations from the prescribed acreages shall not constitute a violation of these Planned Development District Guidelines.”


The existing PD’s Land Use Summary table is shown on the following page, compared to the percentages of the overall development that are proposed for location within the southern section of the PD.


Land Use


Acres within PDD


Acres within southern section of PDD


Single Family Detached (Conventional) (defined as lots measuring 50′ x 100′)




Single Family Detached (Traditional) (defined as lots measuring 40′ x 100′)




Single Family Attached












Open Space (Wetlands, Buffers, Other)




Patriot Parkway R/W




Land Dedicated to City








* Figure includes all rights-of-way and buffers.


If this amendment to the PDD is approved, more land area than was initially anticipated will be used for single-family detached housing on “conventional” lot sizes (bearing in mind that development which may occur or have occurred in the northern section of the PDD might further increase this number).  The area of land to be dedicated to the City has also been increased.


Staff believes that this provision is needed.  It is in keeping with the recently adopted changes to Section 5-7(G) of the Zoning Regulations which allows the Zoning Administrator to administratively approve minor changes to the PDD including reductions in the number of housing units, provided such change is consistent with the future land use designation for the subject parcel.  Staff recommends approval of this clause, provided it is modified to read:


“The foregoing Proposed Land Use table shall be modified from time to time to reflect uses depicted on the Land Use Plan, including approved modifications, and approved plats, and minor deviations from the prescribed acreages shall not constitute a violation of these Planned Development District Guidelines, provided that the number of housing units is not increased beyond the number of dwelling units previously approved.”


  1. 2.     The following is added to the end of Section XI of the Planned Development District Guidelines:


“Trees planted in the front yards of lots or common areas along public rights-of-way may be counted towards the street tree requirements above.”


The existing PDD calls for street trees at specific intervals along streets, but does not specifically require trees to be planted on residential lots (because the PDD allowed for large tree protection zones which would be used for mitigation for removed trees in the residential areas).  Accordingly, the applicant does not appear to be requesting a reduction in tree quantities to be provided, just the ability to locate the required trees in areas other than the rights-of-way, which is currently required.


Staff is generally in agreement with this provision, but would like to see more detail regarding the street tree locations.  The original 2006 PDD plan included a “Street Tree Plan,” which showed the proposed location of street trees, their species, and quantities.  Since the road network and lot configurations will be changed with this amendment, the previously-submitted Street Tree Plan will be outdated.  Applicant should provide an updated Street Tree Plan for this section of the development, perhaps with a note that tree locations are approximate.


  1. 3.     The following is added as a new Section XXI:


“Fishing docks and mailbox kiosks shall be permitted as depicted on the Land Use Plan and in areas of the PD area developed for residential use, use as an amenity center, recreational area, or park.”


This clarifies that these uses are permitted within this section of the PD.  Staff recommends approval.



  1. 4.     The Land Use Plan for the Modified Property is modified as shown on Exhibit B.


Staff reviewed the Conceptual Land Use Plan and found the following:


  1. The plan shows changes in the street network and lot configuration from the most recently-approved master plan.  The 2006 adopted master plan called for 620 single-family dwelling units in the area of the PDD south of Patriot Boulevard, while the current proposal reduces that number to 553-558 units.  (Adding up the number of lots identified for each pod yields 553 units, while the Development Summary table shows a total of 558 units.)  Plan should be revised to indicate the correct number of units being proposed.


  1. The plan does not label the 50-foot undisturbed buffer along Coosaw Creek subdivision, which was agreed to at the time of annexation and adoption of the PDD and is required per Section XIII of the PDD.  Plan should be revised to label the undisturbed buffer and its width.


  1. The buffer agreement with Coosaw Creek also requires a 100-foot buffer along Buck Creek Court in Coosaw Creek.  The 100-buffer appears to be shown on the Conceptual Land Use Plan as a rectangle at southwestern corner of the development (uppermost property corner on the plan); however, it appears that one or possibly two of lots in Pod F may infringe on this buffer.  Plan should be revised to label the undistributed buffer and its width and to show no development within this required buffer.


  1. The 2006 agreement with the Coosaw Creek neighborhood (which was incorporated into the approved PDD) requires a five-foot fence easement in favor of Coosaw Creek homeowners’ association to allow for the construction of a fence at the discretion of Coosaw Creek.  This easement was shown on the previously-approved preliminary plat.  Plan should be revised to show a note regarding the obligation to provide a five-foot fence easement.


  1. The hatched area throughout the plan appears to show a riparian buffer, but it is not identified.  The PDD requires a wetland buffer be provided adjacent to all wetland areas, with an average width of at least 25 feet and a minimum width of 15 feet.  Applicant should label the riparian buffer and add a note regarding the 15-foot minimum width.


  1. Section XIV of the PDD specifies that lot depth may be as much as three times the width of the lot.  Pod E, which consists of 40- by 120-foot lots, also has a notation that lots in this pod along the power line easement will be 150 feet deep.  This exceeds the maximum allowed depth of lots.  Applicant should submit revised Amendment No. 2 to include a provision to allow for variations of the lot-depth ratio along power easements.


Staff would also remind the applicant of the previous commitments made to the Coosaw Creek neighborhood, as memorialized in the email which was incorporated into the 2006 adopted PDD (attached for reference), especially with regard to possible access from Buck Creek Court.


Given that the proposed changes maintain the single-family development pattern previously approved, reduce the number of permitted housing units, and otherwise refine minor elements of the PDD, staff recommends approval of the amendment subject to the corrections, clarifications, and submittals noted.









Meeting Date:           June 10, 2013


Item Title:                 PDD Amendment – Z130606

Dorchester County TMS#s 163-00-00-001, -002, -004, and -025


Contact Person:        Eileen Duffy, 740-2578




Proposed amendment of the Heape Tract/McKewn planned development district.




Conditional approval (subject to the corrections or clarifications noted).  This item may be forwarded to City Council for first reading and public hearing at the July 11, 2013 meeting.




Staff report




This material is submitted for:  ACTION                                          INFORMATION





The following action taken:




Delayed Action Until: