Councilman Dwight Stigler District 9 Newsletter

Repaving of State Rd., Dorchester Road

Work should begin this Sunday.  Now I’m not personally committing to this timeframe as this is managed by SCDOT and NOT the City of North Charleston.  Let’s hope for accuracy this time and I’m sharing what I’ve been told! Most of the work will be at night.

Dorchester Road Speed Study

I’ve received several genuine concerns from residents in Indigo, Whitehall, Taylor Plantation, and Cedar Grove about the excessive speeds on Dorchester Rd. while exiting from your neighborhoods.  Most of this road has a speed limit of 45 mph while the area we live in is 55 mph.  I requested the possibility of the limit being reduced.  Since this was a state maintained road, the State District Six Office performed a traffic study.  Click here for a copy of their findings: Dorchester Road Speed Study

From Councilman Brinson District 4 Shopping Center: 

Corner at Wescott. Over the next few weeks, look for more restaurants to open and join Starbucks, which has enjoyed a very successful first month of business. The overall project is getting high marks for its aesthetic features,  especially the masonry designs. The developer reports that Harris Teeter now plans to open for business on January 8.  Marshall’s would soon follow. One policy question now being discussed – should the “natural undisturbed” landscaped buffer along Dorchester Road be “groomed?” I will keep you posted!”

Wescott Traffic Circle

Lighting was recently installed to help improve the visibility during the night.  Also a drainage system was installed.  The remaining work, new curbing, reflective striping, and landscaping are next.  Dave McDonough, President of Oak Forest HOA, has offered to help work with our city to develop the landscaping plan.  Thank you Dave!

During a recent exchange on Facebook about the pro’s and con’s of roundabout, one of our residents wrote:  Plenty of studies available to the public that prove roundabouts are safer in the sense of reduced traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. However, they don’t completely eliminate that risk either but the overall percentages are much lower than your standard traffic light, which no one stops for anyways. Here is one study…also note that most of the roundabouts pictured have painted arrows within the traffic circle which isn’t the case for the one in Wescott Blvd.…

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