Councilman Ron Brinson District 4 Updates November 5, 2013

Repaving of Dorchester Road from Ashley Phosphate to Parlor should begin this weekend and be completed by November 30. Most of the work will be at night.

The traffic signal at Trump and Dorchester is on-site and ready for installation. The residents of Charleston Park must be very frustrated seeing this long overdue “light package” on the ground, awaiting installation. The S.C. Department of Transportation contractor has told the city’s Public Works Department that the project should be completed within “two weeks.” Here’s hoping !

Corner at Wescott. Over the next few weeks, look for more restaurants to open and join Starbucks, which has enjoyed a very successful first month of business. The overall project is getting high marks for its aesthetic features, especiallythe masonry designs. The developer reports that Harris Teeter now plans to open for business on January 8.Marshall’s would soon follow. One policy question now being discussed – should the “natural undisturbed” landscaped buffer along Dorchester Road be “groomed?” I will keep you posted !

Palmetto Commerce Parkway has quickly become a dynamic corridor of economic development. More than 2,000 people go to work on PCP every day – and that number will grow steadily. And that’s all good for the economy and real estate sales and values.

But traffic also will grow on this still-new road that already has congestion issues. Be assured that I’m aware of the growing “rush hour” turning lane issues at both ends of PCP — at Ashley Phosphate in the morning and at Ladson Road in the afternoon.

PCP is a Charleston County roadway intersecting with primary state roads. The city is urging the County and the S.C. Department of Transportation to improve these intersections with new turning lane capacities. The County reportedly has turning lane improvement plans for the Ladson Road intersection on the drawing board. Less clear is what will happen at Ashley Phosphate.

The County has begun a project to connect PCP into the nascent Ingleside project which eventually will tie in to a new Interstate 26 interchange just east of the Highway 78/Trident/Charleston Southern intersection. This will be a part of the “Boeing Corridor” which will eventually link the Boeing complex at the Charleston International Airport to I-26 via PCP and a bridged cross-over of Ashley Phosphate Road. This project is on a fast-track but final design and alignment features are still being formulated. There will be public hearings.

Meanwhile, a proposed rezoning of the southwest corner of PCP and Ladson road from manufacturing-light industry to residential would have cleared the way for an apartment complex. Questions and concerns about the compounding traffic issues and land-use planning were forming opposition. A Sunoco convenience store complex already is under construction a block away and an equally large Spinx gas convenience store is planned just east of the intersection. The property owner has now withdrawn the application.

Charleston County also had proposed rezoning of a PCP site nearer Ashley Phosphate to accommodate its recycling center project. When news reports disclosed that the operation could eventually involve the sorting of garbage for recyclables, several nearby subdivisions registered strong opposition. Charleston County has withdrawn its rezoning proposal ——BUT the County has now indicated it will focus on PCP property about two miles off Ashley Phosphate – “Cowboy Logistics.” This property already is zoned for the type facility the County will build. Thus, if the County does purchase this property, it can proceed with construction of its state-of-the-art recycling center. The operation reportedly would be “under roof” of an attractive building. But it would create about 300 truck moves daily – which simply highlights the urgency of traffic flow improvements for PCP.

Wescott Traffic Circle renovation work will be picking up speed in the next few weeks. The improvements will include redesigned drainage, new curbing, lighting and markings — and a new landscaping plan.

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