Citizens Public Safety Academy

Good Afternoon All,

Let me introduce myself, I am Sergeant Glover with the North Charleston Police Department. I am the coordinator for the Citizens Public Safety Academy and I would like to personally invite each of you as neighborhood representatives of our city to apply for the Citizens Public Safety Academy (CPSA). I also would encourage you to pass this information on to those that reside in your neighborhoods to apply as they too are an important part of our community. I have attached the applications and waiver of liabilities for those that chose to apply. Understand that there is certain criteria that needs to be met to attend and you can find this information on the cities website or the attached flier. The Academy will be starting in February (Exact date to be determined) on Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm for 11 weeks.  For more information, the website is . Or feel free to contact me directly at the numbers listed below. Once the forms are filled out you can email them back or fax them to me. I look forward to hearing from you and those that reside in your neighborhood and encourage you to call with me with any questions.

Attachments: CPSA Release of Liability CPSA – Application CPSA Academy Brochure 2013

Sgt. A. Glover

Training Section

North Charleston Police Department

2500 City Hall Lane

North Charleston S.C. 29406

Phone: 843-740-2648

Fax: 843-740-2890

Trash pick up changes due to the winter storm

Subject: Trash pick up changes due to the winter storm

North Charleston TRASH PICK UP changes due to the winter storm:

Sanitation crews will stop collecting garbage at 12 noon today.
We will be half through with Tuesday’s routes today at noon.
We will finish up Tuesday’s route on Thursday.
Wednesday’s route will be collected on Friday.
Thursday’s route will be collected Saturday.


Ryan Johnson

Office of the Mayor

City of North Charleston

Office: 843-740-2520

NOAA weather update

Good Afternoon,


I would like to thank those departments that participated with our local Emergency Management partners of the Tri-County area this morning. Please review the attachment from the NWS as to the potential impact to our area and prepare your department according to your procedures and guidelines. I will follow-up this afternoon with further information as it becomes available.


New Links Added

On the right hand column of this page I added two new links to files.  Airport Area Infrastructure Improvements and Wescott Traffic Circle PDD.

The Airport link shows the future plans for the roadways in our area.

The Wescott PDD shows the conceptual plans for the future development around the Wescott Traffic Circle.

A Message to Indigo Residents from Councilman Stigler

Happy New Year!  On January 6th I informed Mayor Summey of our concerns for the Indigo neighborhoods.  I also explained to him that my emphasis in 2014 will be to help drive improvements in your neighborhood.

Specifically, we discussed the numerous pot holes that have been repeatedly repaired near the entrance on Indigo Fields Boulevard.   I asked about having this area resurfaced.  He and the mayors special assistant, Ray Anderson, told me that they would contact Dorchester County to request road resurfacing.  North Charleston helps to pay for the cost while Dorchester County performs the work.  North Charleston on the other hand fills pot holes as they occur.  There may be a waiting list too since funding is always a problem.  As soon as I hear back from them I will inform your community.
I also spoke with our mayor about the entrance into the Indigo neighborhoods off of Dorchester Road.  There’s a lot of history that I’m studying from pervious years before I became your city councilman.  Councilman Ed Astle, your past North Charleston Councilman, facilitated meetings with your neighborhoods, your State Representative, and your Dorchester County Councilman, Larry Hargett.  Requests were made for improvments to the ingress and egress during 2010.  The results were less than favorable assuming I understood the details correctly, a deceleration lane was added.  I’ve learned that your neighbors (i.e. Lutheran Church and the property directly across the street) were not cooperative with the proposed traffic redesign plan.  This would have required moving the existing median cross over in front of their properties to line up with Indigo Fields Blvd.; they were not supportive of this change.  Our Mayor explained to me that there is nothing the city can do to remedy this problem; he explained in effect that the city has no jurisdiction and ability to change this property since it is not in the city.  This is entirely a problem that exists between your neighborhoods and the State/County.  Nevertheless, I would like to help facilitate and bring these folks back together to meet with your HOA Presidents.
Did you know you can submit a city service request for all kinds of issues?  For example, pot holes, street signs, trash can replacement/repair, street lighting, etc.  I created a PowerPoint presentation showing step by step how to complete a city service request on-line.  On my website, on the righthand column under links look for “request for service.”  I would like to stress how important it is that all of you use this system.  This is the best way to get the attention and support from our city with your requests.  They need to understand that many of you have the same concerns and issues.  I am copied on all requests too.
Finally, I’d like to bring to your attention the information I have available on my website.  It was designed so that you could get the information you want, when you want it, versus being inundated with daily emails from me.  Our Daily Crime report is posted there.  North Charleston news is posted, and my newsletters are posted there as well.  If you’d like to be part of my mailing list to receive my newsletters directly, please send an email to me at  Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any service to you.
I wish you and your family a safe and wonderful new year.
Kind regards,
Dwight Stigler, Councilman

District 9 North Charleston