Message from Police Chief Driggers – Daily Crime Reports

Thank your for your interest in tracking criminal activity in your neighborhood; the City of North Charleston is always pleased when its citizens want to become involved and informed about the welfare and safety of its residents.  Although you have asked for a copy of the Daily Police Report that is sent to our City Council members, I want to bring to your attention a very informative link to the City’s website that provides not only crime statistics, it can also be personalized with address mapping.  You can ask for a certain type of crime(s) within certain date ranges, and within a certain distance from your home, work, school or other location of interest to you.  It also provides information on registered sex criminals.  Additional analysis of crime is offered, showing what type of crime is more prevalent on a certain day or hour of the day, and anonymous tips can be entered as well.   Also, you can sign up at this site for Crime Alerts and/or daily/weekly or monthly reports, as personalized by you for your needs, and sent to your computer or iPhone.  Please take a minute to view the following link and feel free to share this with your neighbors, Neighborhood Association members, friends and family members.

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