Councilman Ron Brinson — March 6, 2016

Patriot Boulevard Hairpin

The project to smooth this 15 mph curve has been suspended indefinitely. This follows the single bid the city received indicating the project would cost 2.5. times estimates, or just under $1 million. We’ll rebid when the construction markets indicate a better, more affordable outcome. In the meanwhile, the city will install “rumble strips” and solar powered flashers warning motorists to slow down. We can anticipate police enforcement of speeding at this curve, as well.

Recycling Update

Confusion about this very popular curbside pickup service for city residents in Dorchester County is regrettable. We have been working hard to reach an accommodation with Dorchester County to integrate this program into the county’s recycling operations. We still have some details to finalize but we expect Dorchester County Council to approve an accommodation within two weeks. Meanwhile, the city will continue to pick up “recyclables.” And I will keep you posted.

What’s Happening Behind The Speedway  on Club Course?

It’s a cellular service tower, about 120 feet high. Frankly, I challenged this but such use is permitted under the zoning for the property and the owner is exercising legal rights. We will monitor the aesthetics of both the tower and its surroundings.

Dorchester and Patriot, Across from Bosch

A Walmart Neighborhood Grocery with a “fuel center” and a townhouse development are in the works. Planning is in early stages. This property is in Council District 1 and is not within the Dorchester Overlay District. I will keep you posted.

What’s Happening At Corner at Wescott?

A Top Dawg Tavern franchise restaurant is taking shape.  As I reported earlier, this family- friendly restaurant will be the principal occupant of a 9,000 square-foot building. The theme is open service area with plenty of television screens. Opening date is projected to be in the Fall. A physical therapy operation will occupy one of the other two spaces.  I’ll keep you posted. Also, the Hendon Company is beginning to refresh plans for further development at its property adjacent to Lowe’s. No details yet, but I’ll try to keep you well-informed.

“Fuel Center” at Harris Teeter

I’ve tried to keep you informed on this concept which now seems to be moving toward a formal zoning amendment proposal. Harris Teeter wants to construct a four-lane fuel center for fuel sales only at an out-parcel between the parking lot and Dorchester Road, south of Raising Cane’s.  It would be a facility for fuel sales only and without any “convenient store” aspects. Harris Teeter recently completed a survey and poll of 300 homes in District 4 and District 9 – the Dorchester Corridor. The results purport to conclude that a majority of residents in both districts would not oppose such an operation at the Corner at Wescott. The company is aware of gas station zoning restrictions in the Dorchester overlay district and the community’s long-standing opposition to gas stations.  Harris Teeter is certainly a good corporate neighbor. And if the firm should file for zoning authority for a fuel center, then it is entitled to a fair hearing. I have informed them there would be a series of neighborhood meetings. (I have also informed them that at this point, I am opposed.)

The Shell Station at Dorchester and Ashley Phosphate?

It’s being rebuilt with modernized tankage, etc. All within the existing property footprint and applying all previous buffers and landscaping plans.


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