Road Project Schedules

Re-Surfacing of Patriot Boulevard intersectional connection to Ashley Phosphate Road and re-surfacing of Club Course, from Dorchester Road to Patriot Boulevard:  Sanders Brothers Construction will perform this work and by contract must complete it by August 15.  It is likely to be completed sooner.
Crosswalks for Wescott Boulevard

Motorists seems to be adjusting to the redesigned traffic flows at the Wescott traffic circle. Pedestrian crosswalks have been installed there and additional safety features will be added.  Also crosswalks all along Wescott Boulevard will be designated and sidewalks expanded and repaired at Wescott Boulevard intersections considered safe for pedestrian crossing.  Look for school bus stop locations on Wescott Boulevard and Patriot Boulevard to be refreshed by the beginning of the new school year.
Patriot Boulevard “Hairpin”

This project is crawling through the federal environmental permit process because a small section of regulated wetlands will be involved. This will be fully mitigated, of course, and the target now is that work could begin around August 1.  I will keep all posted. (The D.R. Horton Sunrise project clearly is underway. It won’t be fully implemented with its 79  “Express” town homes until the “Hairpin” project is completed. And, yes, folks, that is cement board not vinyl siding on these units – something the mayor and I insisted on for this imposing development that was approved in 2007.)
Trump  Street  Connection  To  Patriot  Boulevard

This project has been put on the shelf.  And it won’t be reconsidered until full public dialogue concludes its viability. This connection was planned from the beginning of the Charleston Park development plan. But the developer did not complete the feature and now, years after the neighborhood has settled into a non-connected Trump Street operation, there are neighborhood impact and upset issues that would have to be considered.  So, this project is on a high shelf — and there is no timetable for taking it off that shelf.
Corner at Wescott News

Raising Cane’s has begun its building project with an ambitious schedule and firm hopes to be up and running by September 1.  This will be the third location in Greater Charleston for the fast growing national chain, which specializes in “chicken fingers.”
Even before its first “finger” is served up, Raising Cane’s is establishing a support relationship with Fort Dorchester Elementary School. This highly-rated school, opened in 2002, will soon have its monument sign converted into a digitized marquee thanks to a small grant provided by the City of  North Charleston and direct financial support by Raising Cane’s and the Corner at Wescott developer, the Hendon Company. If all goes well, this project will be completed in time for the new school year.

Our city’s nine-day annual arts festival officially begins May 1.  Those artful  “pieces” you’re seeing at so many intersections are donated for display and many are entered into competitions.  And they’re engendering a steady flow of critical and fun commentary.  The Festival is a major public activities program featuring a variety of art shows, performances and free events. It’s a great opportunity for family participation. Visit this website for all the information you’ll need to plan to participate:
One suggestion: visit City Hall.  This building, located very near the Montague Avenue interchange of Interstate 26, is a modern and function center of city operations –and it is an art gallery.
Traffic Congestion Nightmares –

I’ve had dozens of requests for my newspaper column about traffic issues in our broad community. Here it is, with a summary comment that this is a growing burden on public convenience for all our residents and a priority in my work as a councilman. We need to convince our state and Dorchester County elected officials that this is a crisis that demands action.

Timely Advice From Police –

We live in a community with very low crime rates.  But that means very little to anyone affected by any sort of criminal activity. Our city’s police department urges all residents to maintain vigilance, quickly report ANY unusual or suspicious activities or circumstances, and keep the doors to your homes, businesses and vehicles locked. For any emergency, dial 911 immediately. But here are some other handy telephone police contact numbers:

  Non-Emergency: 843-740-2800
Police Tip Line: 843-740-5839
Drug Tip Line: 843-308-4708
CrimeStoppers: 843-554-1111
Animal Control: 843-740-2815

WWW.NORTHCHARLESTON.ORG  – Check it out. You can learn all about city services, recreational activities for you and your family and request special attention. And contact me directly whenever I might help.

Please share this little newsletter with your friends and neighbors and I’ll be glad to add them to the e-mailing list. They need only send me a note at rbrin@aol.com

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