City of North Charleston Emergency Preparedness

Greetings Community Friends and Council!

Thank you so much to all that attended and participated in our first annual America’s PrepareAthon Town Hall Meeting on Emergency Preparedness. I really appreciate the support! I believe the items in the below e-brief further supports the topics we discussed that night. We really need to be communications champions and pass the word on to family and friends about emergency preparedness. As it was mentioned many times during our Town Hall Meeting, it is key for the city’s resources to be focused on RECOVERY after an event.

We discussed many topics and we really had some great suggestions from those in attendance. Remember this is OUR plan and together with everyone making
an effort to prepare themselves and their families we will gain strength from whatever event we are challenged with.

Also, included in the article, was yet another item we discussed during our meeting, and that was volunteering and the need for volunteers to make all of the programs mentioned functional when disaster strikes. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Belinda Swindler, is working on ways to make it easy for you to sign-up with the ability to pick your location of choice to volunteer. Please be looking for those forthcoming opportunities to volunteer.

Below are some dates for you to mark on your calendar to remember:
· June 1st – Atlantic Hurricane Season begins
· June 4th – Recovery Drill POD’s (Points of Distribution) and NDIP’s (Neighborhood Distribution and Information Points)

1. Location: POD site TBD @ 9:00 a.m.

2. Location: NDIP – Riverbluff Church, Whitehall Subdivision @ 12:00 noon

· June 7th – The Dorchester County Hurricane Preparedness Expo at Lowe’s on Dorchester Rd.

· June 19th – Charleston County Drill: The City of North Charleston will activate the MEOC (Municipal Emergency Operations Center)

**All are welcome to come out and view the June 4th event where both the POD (Points of Distribution) and the NDIP (Neighborhood Distribution Information Points) will be activated;however, the June 19th event is closed to the public.

Thanks so much for your service to our city, and again, for your support of emergency preparedness.

Butch Barfield, Director N. Char. Emergency Preparedness

City of North Charleston Emergency Preparedness News #3

Greetings, Community Friends and Council!


I hope you are well and find the Community Preparedness Newsletter to be informative and worthwhile. I would like to take this relationship on preparedness to the next level and I hope you or a representative can assist me with this endeavor. First, I would like to register the City of North Charleston, along with each of you/representative, for “America’s PrepareAthon” being held on April 30th. Second, I would like to hold a Town Hall on preparedness:  “Where WE stand today as it relates to Preparedness”.  This will be on April 30th at 6:00 at City Hall. Please know that I am attempting to get ALL of our neighborhoods to be represented at this meeting, so if you know anyone interested in preparedness that is not included in this email, please invite them. I am asking that you RSVP me  through email  on who from your group will be attending. If you have a comment or a question please feel free to call me at (843) 822-1070


Please pass this information on to others including friends, family, civic associations, church members and others that you think need to be PREPARED! There is some important information in this e-brief that will hopefully assist you in the event we have a disaster.


Future Events:

-The State Emergency Management Division will be having their yearly Hurricane Drill during the week of June 2nd and the City will be participating during the “Recovery Day” that week.

-Lowe’s on Dorchester Rd. in conjunction with the Dorchester County EMD will be having their Hurricane Preparedness Expo on June 7th.

-Charleston County Emergency Management Division will be having an additional drill on June 19th that we/City will be participating in as well.


Be SAFE and get PREPARED, Butch


Emergency Preparedness Director – Weather Update

Good Morning,


Emergency Preparedness Coordinator just participated in a call with the Chas NWS.  A Winter Storm Watch will be issued from Tues PM through Thurs AM.  A cold front will be making its way into the state later tonight bringing colder temperatures and freezing rain into our area – no snow/sleet in the current forecast.  Expect rain throughout the day tomorrow transitioning to freezing rain tomorrow evening and into Wednesday night.  Precipitation should be ending early on Thursday and temperatures will begin to climb back up above freezing.  Models are showing up to 3 inches of rain from Tuesday to Thursday.


Ice accumulation:  The current forecast indicates 1/10 –  1/4 inch for upper Dorchester County (1/4 – ½ inch along the Orangeburg line) and less than 1/10 for lower Dorchester County.


Potential Impacts:  Ice accumulation (mainly on elevated surfaces); isolated power outages; patches of ice on untreated roads; bridges/overpasses may be impassible.


Another conference call is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I will provide an update immediately following.  Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have questions or concerns.


NOTE: Charleston County, at this time, is not in the watch area therefore <0.1 inch of freezing/icy rain for late Tuesday night into Wednesday. It appears that we may not experience the same conditions that we saw (2) weeks ago except rain.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated.


William “Butch” Barfield

Office of the Mayor

City of North Charleston

Office: 843-740-2884

NOAA weather update

Good Afternoon,


I would like to thank those departments that participated with our local Emergency Management partners of the Tri-County area this morning. Please review the attachment from the NWS as to the potential impact to our area and prepare your department according to your procedures and guidelines. I will follow-up this afternoon with further information as it becomes available.


2013 Hurricane Preparedness Guide

In an attempt to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, the City of North Charleston, in conjunction with Charleston County Emergency Management, developed the attached 2013 Hurricane Preparedness Guide (HurricanePreparednessGuide).  The guide is also located on the city’s H-drive. H:\Emergency Operations\Hurricane Preparedness Guide.pdf

We hope you use this guide as you plan for you and your family in the upcoming hurricane season. The City of North Charleston believes in the Red Cross motto, and that message is simple:

*        Get a Kit

*        Make a Plan

*        Be Informed

Thanks so much and have a safe and wonderful weekend!

William “Butch” Barfield

Office of the Mayor

City of North Charleston

Office: 843-740-2884