Ron’s 2011 Campaign Statement

To My Neighbors in District 4:

We live in North Charleston’s frontier of growth for both new homes and new industry and business.

Our homes are in a dozen primary neighborhoods extending into Dorchester and Charleston counties.

But no matter where we live in our District 4 community, we have common expectations of our city government….strong financial management…. the best of police and fire protection….playgrounds….community centers and libraries.

And we want our city to really care about our neighborhoods and maintain good roads and adequate drainage. And most of us believe that growth must be guided by disciplined planning,

I will energetically represent your expectations of city government and our common hopes that North Charleston will always deliver on its published promise — A Great City To Live, To Work, To Play!

And my promise is a simple one: I will work hard, do a good job and always be accessible to you. Please share your thoughts and concerns !